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Don't get too attached to this character. The user that RPs them is evil.
Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.



Full Name: Suzanna Ellaine Williams
Born: 18 January
Age: 19
Status: Alive/Single
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: British
Accent: Aussie
Blood Status: Half-Blood
Orientations: Heterosexual/Heteroromantic

Father: Sebastian Williams
Mother: Iona Bennett-Williams
Siblings: None
Relatives: Charles and Alicia Bennett (uncle and anunt)
Silena Bennett (cousin)
Cassandra Schermer (fourth cousin)
Family Line of Work: Father is an Obliviator and mother is a former Magical Zoologist who is currently a stay-at-home mom.
Family Background: The Bennett family were from France, until one Bennett man moved to the UK, thus starting the British branch of the Bennett family. Majority of the Bennetts were Ombrelunes and Slytherins. The Williams family were Half-Bloods from Australia. They are a middle-class family.
Most Important Person Before: Sebastian Williams
Most Important Person Now: Sebastian Williams

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (graduated)
New Zealand Academy of Spellcraft (former)
House: Ravenclaw
Best Core Class: Defense Against The Dark Arts
Worst Core Class: Potions
Electives: Care of Magical Creatures
Quidditch: None

Wand Wood: Willow
Wand Core: Unicorn tail hair
Wand Length: 10"
Pets: None
Animagus/Patronus: None / Blue jay
Boggart: Trapped in a forest with a dangerously strong blizzard
Amortentia: New books, parchment

Occupation: Owner of Monde Irisé
Loyalty: Williams family, Bennett family
Organizations: N/A
Alignment: Neutral good


Hair Colour: Blonde
Hair Style: Wavy; usually in a twisted side ponytail accessorized with a bee-themed comb.
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Colour: Hazel
Ethnicity: British
Handedness: Right
Voice: Mezzo-soprano
Eye Sight: 20/20
Health Status: Healthy
Clothing Style: Casual
Most Notable Accessory: Her bee-themed comb
Distinguishing Marks: A scar on her neck from the Scrofungulus incident
Body Style: Athletic af
Takes After Which Parent?: Equally from both parents
Posture: Straight


Suzanna had changed a lot, from being a helluva talkative bookworm to a straightforward and confident artistic adrenaline junkie. Her slight brush with death encouraged her to enjoy life as much as possible, which lead to her trying out a lot of new sports such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, wingsuit flying, tennis, skateboarding, surfing etc. in addition to her parkour. Heck, she even tried gymnastics once.

In addition to that, Suzanna has become a lot more optimistic and humorous. She shows enjoyment in making puns, especially those that elicit exasperated looks and facepalms. She also doesn't hesitate in invoking sarcasm and snark when needed, though her lines are delivered in an upbeat tone. Her outlook in life is the "glass is half-full" one, even during the bleakest of times.

She isn't shy about her artistic side and is always carrying around an Undetectable Extension Charmed messenger bag with all kinds of art materials, ranging from oil pastels to crayons to different sketching pencils to thick sketchbooks. Suzanna is always happy to create things for anyone who asks, as long as it's within her artistic skill. Whenever she isn't enjoying a sport, it's guaranteed that she'll be drawing or painting.

However, Suzanna is still very enthusiastic about books, and yes, she still talks a mile a minute. Whenever this girl's on a roll, there's no stopping her at all, unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve. This is often accompanied with energetic, animated hand gestures and practically glowing facial expressions. Bonus points if you are attentively listening and giving input here and there.

Suzanna is very competitive, especially in sports and arts. She loves a good challenge or two and won't back down from any of them. In fact, she thrives in challenges. If she doesn't have anyone challenging her, she'll challenge herself, often pushing herself to her limits.


"Heya! My name is Suzanna Ellaine Williams and this is my life story, not that you asked anyway. My father is Sebastian Williams and my mother is Iona Bennett-Williams. Dad is an Obliviator and mum is- uh was a Magizoologist. I kinda feel bad because I think she quit her job when I was born. But nah, that's in the past now. Anyways, I can say that my family is kinda well-off? Y'know, since my uncle Charles is a rich businessman and all.

"My earliest memory is from when I was... 3 or something? Yeah, three. We visited uncle Charles' house for my cousin Silena's birthday. Unfortunately, we Apparated there. Ugh, I hate Apparition, it makes my stomach upset. Fast forward to when I was 5, my French cousins Khione and Athena visited. They were pretty awesome with their French accents and all. Plus, they were very pretty too. I got kind of envious since they were able to do magic and I wished I could, too. But hey, my wish came true when I was 7.

"But before that, I wanna tell you about Alex. Alex is- was my best friend when I was 5-9 years old. He and his family lived right next to us and he was an awesome artist. We used to have a lot of fun drawing on the sidewalk with colorful chalk. He was the one who introduced me to art. He was the most amazing person ever. I mean he draws and does parkour! Talk about a unique package. Unfortunately, their family had to move to Australia or something? Yeah, I miss him, a lot. We used to write to each other a lot but then it kind of... stopped I guess.

"Back on track, my first magical sign happened when I was seven. Alex and I were jumping around in the park, he was teaching me how to do parkour when I slipped on a wet patch of grass. Damn, it really was a bad idea to play in the park right after the rain. I waited for the impact when suddenly, I heard Alex gasp... in awe? When I opened my eyes, I was floating. Well, that's something you don't see everyday. Unfortunately, the moment I realized I was floating, I dropped down on the ground. Alex never did stop teasing me about it.

"That was when I found out Alex's family is also Magical, half-blood to be precise. He and I were ecstatic because we get to go to Hogwarts together! I could only imagine what kinds of shenanigans we would do. But the move happened and all I could do was suck it up...

"Anyway, we all thought Silena was going to be a Squib because she never did get her first sign of magic before she turned 10 and the rest had already gotten theirs. But it turns out, she wasn't. Thank Merlin. She was overjoyed, too, since she doesn't have to face the pompous kids of her father's co-workers anymore.

"My 10th year of living was bland ever since Alex moved. But still, I continued to practice art and parkour because it was our promise to each other that the next time we see each other again, we'll be excellent artists and traceurs.

"And so concludes my childhood. Ready for my Hogwarts years? Hold on to your seatbelts, then!"

For the first two years at school, she was elated. She had lots of fun in class, brewing, learning charms, transfiguration et cetera et cetera, until the near end of her 2nd year. A magical blizzard was released deep within the Forbidden Forest and subjected Hogwarts to an instant winter. Curious to see what had caused it, Suzanna ventured to the Forbidden Forest with a fellow Ravenclaw, Gwen, and 1st year Hufflepuff, Adelina.

However, curiosity won over Suzanna's common sense and she ventured into the Forest by herself. Due to the decreasing temperature, Suzanna collapsed from the cold and was found and brought to the Hospital Wing by Gwen and Adelina. She stayed in the Hospital Wing for a while before recovering. After being released, she continued her school life as normal.

On the summer before Suzanna's fourth year, she met a boy called EQ at Hyde Park. Turns out, he was a yearmate of hers and was particularly interested in parkour like herself. This made the highlight of her fourteenth year of living. She also applied for Ravenclaw prefect and got the position, which she was very ecstatic about.

During the summer after her Sixth year, she contracted Scrofungulus and was brought to St. Mungo's by her cousin. While she did get better, she and her family had to leave to Australia due to her father's change in careers along with her cousin's family. During her time there, she tried to bargain with her parents to at least let her return to Britain to finish her Magical schooling. After a lot of debate, they let her.




Suzanna Williams 🎨 Ravenclaw Alumna 🎨 Andrenaline Junkie 🎨 Traceur Virtuoso
-"There's no such thing as negative friends. You just made one friend and one enemy!"
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Suzanna Ellaine Williams is a graduated Ravenclaw and owner of the art gallery Monde Irisé. She spent her first five years of education in Hogwarts and most of her sixth year at a magical institute at New Zealand. Why? Because her family relocated back to Australia when the Scrofungulus epidemic hit Britain and she was one of the victims who thankfully survived. She's an aspiring magizoologist, a bookworm, artist, traceur, and adrenaline junkie all rolled in one! A rather unique combination, don't you think?