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Full Name: Svetlana Maksimilianovna Vasilyeva
Born: 15 February 2010
Age: 17
Status: Single/Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Witch
Nationality: Ukrainian
Ethnicity: Russian
Accent: Russian
Blood Status: Half-Breed
Orientations: Graybisexual

Father: Maksimilian Vasilyev
Mother: Mykhaila Kostyshyn†
Siblings: Tamara Vasilyeva(adoptive younger sister)
Lynn Vasilyeva(adoptive younger sister)
Relatives: N/A
Family Line of Work: Maksimilian is a CEO of a Muggle company.
Family Background: The Vasilyevs are descendants of the Chukchi people of Russia while the Kostyshyns are a Ukrainian-Italian Veela clan.
Most Important Person Before: Mykhaila
Most Important Person Now: Her sisters

School: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Koldovstoretz (former)
House: Slytherin
Best Core Class: N/A
Worst Core Class: N/A
Electives: N/A
Quidditch: Nope

Wand Wood: N/A
Wand Core: N/A
Wand Length: N/A
Pets: N/A
Animagus/Patronus: N/A/Turtle dove
Boggart: Losing everything important to her
Amortentia: Her mother's perfume, Tama's candies, crisp night air

Occupation: Student
Loyalty: Vasilyeva family
Organizations: N/A
Alignment: Neutral good


Hair Colour: Brown (dyed blonde)
Hair Style: Straight
Hair Length: Past shoulder
Eye Colour: Blue & green (sectoral heterochromia)
Ethnicity: Russian
Handedness: Right
Voice: Soprano
Eye Sight: 20/20
Health Status: Anemic
Clothing Style: Stylish
Most Notable Accessory: N/A
Distinguishing Marks: Her heterochromia
Body Style: Meso-endomorph
Takes After Which Parent?: A lot like her mother
Posture: Straight


The first thing you need to know about Sveta is that she knows she's gorgeous and she knows how to take advantage of it. On more than one occasion, she has had men and women twisted around her fingers with just a bat of an eyelash. But she only uses it it times when it is desperately needed and would often resort to her sly manipulations before using her beauty.

But when she isn't off manipulating some poor schmuck, she is trying to regulate her sister Tama's mischievous antics and looking out for her. Just pure big sister instincts. She cares and loves Tama with all her heart and she is overly protective of her. Touch one tiny hair on Tama and you'll face the wrath of a half-veela. Believe me, their fireballs sting pretty badly. She is also rather down-to-earth, but due to Tama, she does know when logic can be overruled.

Svetlana is also rather confident, not a shred of shyness can be seen in her. She knows her self-worth and the extent of her abilities and respects herself. Some may perceive this as arrogance but it's just her, loving every bit of herself, including her flaws. Very rarely will she doubt herself and has a full belief of her abilities.

At the age of 7, Svetlana was diagnosed with surface dyslexia, which makes it impossible for her to read words with irregular spelling such as sew, pint, and yacht because she will read them as sue, pinnt, and yatchet.

As a future holder of a company, Svetlana knows when to get serious and when she gets serious, she gets really serious. It's as if she had gotten a new personality. She is much harsher, stricter, and will take zero bs from anyone. This is where she unleashes the full brunt of her cunning and resourcefulness. While she is in her zone, what she wants, she gets. This side of her is rarely ever seen because she is careful in handling her emotions.


"Привет, I am Svetlana Maksimilianovna Vasilyeva, daughter of Maskimilian Vasilyev and Mykhaila Kostyshyn. My матір met my отец one cold December. папа was in Ukraine looking for a job. папа grew up in a poor household, my бабушка having left the family due to reasons my папа won't tell me. He never had any luck in finding a job and thus went to a park to rest. There, he met мама. That park was мама's favourite, which is why she is always found there. папа immediately fell head-over-heels for мама, and мама fell in the same fashion. They caught each other and began a relationship."

"Their relationship soon led to me being born and them getting married in secret. I got my мама's gorgeous looks, but I got my hair from папа. They named me 'Svetlana' because I brought light into their world. We were a happy little family in Ukraine even though we had monetary problems. It didn't bother me much because my мама and папа were with me. I loved those days when мама and папа played in the snow with me, or those times when мама made flower crowns for me and папа. My childhood winter wonderland had everything I could ever ask for, and I was content."

"Eventually, папа got a stable job at a company and we moved out of our small house to something more comfortable. Time passed and I was able to go to school with the other children. My first few years there was pretty difficult, they're not exactly kind to those who are in the bottom of the social status chain, but somehow, I managed. I laid low, despite the urge to just deck the people on their high horses. However, at home, strange things began to happen whenever I was experiencing pretty strong emotions."

"Things started to fly towards me, anything brittle started to break, sometimes clothes caught on fire. It was pretty mediocre and I always scared my parents but they tried to help the best way they can and I'm thankful for that. I think мама somehow knew what was happening but she didn't say a word, so I didn't ask. Everything was cleared up when my 11th birthday arrived."

"Soon after, папа and мама brought home a little girl with fiery red hair and told me that she'll be my new little sister. You could imagine just how happy I was, I've always wanted a little sister. I did my best to be a good big sister, I taught her everything I knew and I protected her from bullies. I always played with her and went along with her funny pranks. Ah, good old times."

"But of course, everything has an end, don't they? There was something мама didn't tell us; she was anemic. We noticed how she grew weak and pale day by day, but she was stubborn and didn't want us to take her to the hospital. Whenever we try, she always finds ways to avoid going to the hospital. That is, until she couldn't take it anymore."

"Long story short, мама died, leaving папа, Tasha (my nickname for Tama), and I. It hit us all very hard, папа especially. But we endured, because that was what мама would've wanted us to do. My папа continued on his work, albeit with lesser cheer than ever before. There was one thing though, on my 11th birthday, it turns out that I was a 'Muggleborn' as told by a weirdly-dressed woman who appeared on our front door that day."

"So I ended up studying at a Magical school called Koldovstoretz for three years, until we got word that папа was promoted to CEO and was required to move to Britain, which was where the main headquarters for папа's company was. How he ended up with the CEO title, I'd never know. But I suspect it has something to do with the previous CEO being childless and had trusted папа very much. I'm proud to say that I think папа was, and still is, a very important asset in his company."

"Arriving at Hogwarts, the House System baffled me, to say the least. But it was a pretty interesting twist so I went with the flow, being Sorted into [insert house here]. And the Sorting Hat was quite, ah, interesting. It had quite the vocabulary. It's a shame I won't be able to interact with it again."

"Anywho, nothing really happened for the rest of my years, except for the time that папа adopted another girl. A cute one named Lynn. She is quite a swimmer, I can tell you that. And she absolutely loves Astronomy and stargazing, the latter of which is an interest of mine, too. So I can say I'm pretty fond of my new little sister."



Though not many have heard her sing, Sveta has a melodious voice, courtesy of her father who is a talented singer himself. Believe it or not, she is pretty self-conscious of her singing prowess, never revealing her singing to anyone except for a chosen few.


  • Russian-Chukchi-Ukrainian-Italian
    • Russian father
    • Ukrainian-Italian Veela mother
    • Mother is Italian from grandmother's side
    • Her mother died when she was 9
    • Family is insanely weathly
    • Paternal side of the family is descended from the Chukchi people of Russia
  • Ace at Charms
  • Naturally brunette but dyed her hair blonde because her mother was a blonde and that she looked a lot like her
  • Guilty pleasure is sneaking out to the Black Lake late at night and stargazing


Svetlana Maksimilianovna Vasilyeva is a gorgeous Half-Veela seventh year of the Slytherin House. She is the proud adopted older sister of Tamara and Lynn Vasilyeva. Now nearing the end of her carefree student days, she faces her next challenge in life; inheriting her father's mantle and taking over Maksimilian Vasilyev's successful company.

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