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Mission Briefing[]


MordredSabrina le Fey's Raven • dark wings, dark words

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「 Relationship 」

Hundang is a renowned Goblin metalsmith, possibly the best in the Goblin community. He and I had an agreement years ago.

You see, Hundang was always second-best. To none other than his brother. I came to him, and I offered to...take care of his situation, in exchange for a supply of dragonhide armour. He assured me that should I kill his brother and hide the body, my payment would be delivered. It's been two years.

So I propose we go there and get what we need. No need to kill the goblin, he could come in handy. Just take as much as you can - the more you take, the higher your reward.

One thing though, make sure he knows just who stole his wares. So he remembers to never break a contract with me again. ~SLF

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Mission Details[]

  • Threat Level: Low 
  • Members Needed: Four
  • Location: Isle of Man, England
  • Type: Thievery
  • GM: Filoksenia
  • Aurors?: No