Taeler Johnson
Fifth Year Gryffindor • Insert Clever Title Here
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Full Name: Taeler Kim Johnson
Born: February 25
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Nickname(s): Tae, TK
Species: Wizard
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Korean

Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: American
Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English, some Korean
Current Location: Hogwarts
Affiliation(s): Johnson Family

Blood Status: Muggle-Born
Wand Wood: Rosewood
Wand Core: Phoenix Feather
Wand Length: 11 Inches
Wand Arm: Left
Patronus: Chipmunk
Boggart: Being stuck on a sinking ship
Exotic?: No

Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Gryffindor
Year: Fifth
Year Joined: First (a year late)

Tae is the most cinnamon rolley cinnamon roll that ever cinnamoned. You can't get much sweeter than this kid. His heart is full of love and compassion for others, and he can't help but love everyone he meets. He sees the good in people even when they don't see it in themselves. His goal in life is to make people smile and laugh, and he'll go above and beyond just to make you happy. Your feelings are always his priority and he wouldn't have it any other way. Not only is he worried about other people's well-being, but also the well-being of animals. In the past year or so, Tae has started to volunteer at animal shelters. He hates the idea of animals being mistreated, and figures if he has the time, why not help where he can? That's where he got his cat Velveeta. He named her after his favorite brand of Mac n Cheese.

Other than being an absolute cutie pie, Tae is very brave and adventurous. It's hard to deter him from whatever he sets out to do, especially when he is so passionate about it. He too often with jump head first into things despite the consequences. He's a free spirit that cannot be contained so easily. He also has a great sense of humor. He's always goofing off because he loves to see people smile. It's hard to ruin his spirits because he's so jovial all the time. The more insistent you are on being in a bad mood, the more insistent he is on cheering you up.

Taeler also loves to be outdoors. Back in Utah, he would constantly be in the mountains camping or hiking. Nature was his way to find himself. He loved watching the clouds drift by and the sun sink down behind the slabs of stone. He always felt confident in the outdoors - the world was his playground. When he's not outside, he's usually working on his pottery skills. Although it's just a hobby, he loves to mold different pieces and make them his own. He had a pottery class back in the states, but lost touch with the activity when they moved. As compensation, his parents bought him his own pottery wheel and the supplies to build a kiln in the backyard. He worked tirelessly on that kiln, his dad helping him, until it was finished. Now, it's one of his favorite things to show off.

Kim Chun-hee was a dedicated employee of Infinite Interprises. She was a genuine, hard-working woman who did everything that was asked or expected of her. Because she was such a valuable asset to her company, they promoted her to an Infinite Ambassador - that meant leaving Korea and going to the England branch, where, coincidentally, she met the love of her life.

Brian Johnson had lived in England his whole life. He worked for a London-based corporation, and didn't travel much. His parents were from Korea and he always hoped to visit one day. He wanted to go to his parents' roots, but in a sense, their roots found him. His company made the decision to merge with Infinite Interprises. Through the merger, he met Chun-hee and fell in love with her.

The two married and planned to move back to Korea, but Chun-hee's job had a different course set out for them. The two were transferred to America where they would be living for longer than expected. After a year in the States, the couple became pregnant with their first child [INSERT NAME]. A few years after him came baby Freya. Only a year later, Taeler came into their world. Haneul was born last, but was loved just as much.

Both Chun-hee and Brian were Muggles, so they were sure in for a treat when they realized their children were gifted with magic. Of course, this "surprise" came with challenges. When Tae turned 7, he had his first magical encounter. Of course, they had already dealt with two magical kids at that point, but it was still complicated. Taeler and Haneul were playing at the park when one of the other kids shoved Haneul to the ground and stole her ball. Tae's first instinct was to physically fight back, but he was easily overpowered by the older kid. It was when the bully was walking away laughing that a tree branch snapped and fell directly atop the boy's head. Needless to say, Haneul got her ball back and Tae was deemed a wizard.

When Taeler was 11, Chun-hee's job moved the family back to London. There, the kids would then attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Chun-hee and Brian had their fair share of struggles in raising witches and wizards, but they truly did their best and never loved them any less for being different. Because of how the move worked out, Tae was delayed a year going to Hogwarts. Instead, he started his first year when he was 12. Now in his third year, Taeler is just hoping to make some friends and learn more about the weird and wonderful world of magic.

Model: Kim Myungsoo (L)
Gender: Male
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Varies between brown and black
Height: 5'11
Weight: 132 lbs
Voice Type: Tenor
Distinguishing Marks: None

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Father: Brian Johnson
Mother: Chun-hee Johnson
Brothers: [INSERT NAME]
Sisters: Freya and Haneul
Guardian(s): Parents
Spouse: None
Children: None
Other Relatives: Extended Family

Freya and Haneul Sisters "TBD"

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