Demon. Devil. Satan.

Those were the words uttered by the priest overseeing Tai’s impromptu’s pop into the world in the middle of the church aisle.

Impromptu might be too strong. His mother, Liana, had planned to go to church to be for forgiveness for birthing the demon baby, or at least demon baby according to the priest.


It should be known that tai in cebuano means sh-t. Liana gave birth to her evil little sh-t baby that she had no care for, but was too late and too religious to abort on a very fine sunday. As expected from all demon babies, he cried and threw things, all the while his mother cried and prayed.

The father? Oh right, the father. The whole demon baby thing began with the father. In the Philippines, where drug trafficking was strong pre-Duterte, Tai’s father was the big honcho, and everyone knew to be afraid of him. In fact, Liana was his wife- that is, until she ran away to the United States because she had been terrorized by him. It was there where she learned an unfortunate truth; she was pregnant. Everyone in the Filipino community knew who her former husband was, and they feared the child instantly.

This led to Tai’s terrible existence. People misunderstood that he was a bad kid. He wasn’t. Did he have a chip on his shoulder? Maybe. Was he energetic? Most kids are. People looked and saw what they already assumed.

By the time Tai was five, he already understood that his mother hated him. She’d always pray at him as a form of swearing, and shiver when he walked near. This led to many behavioral problems- when you’re faced with hatred and the attempt to “wash your sins”, your only options are to submit or rebel. And he rebelled hard. On top of that, it was no secret that he had really, realllyyyy bad luck. Preschool was an introduction to suspensions, where he broke windows and made kids cry, although 75% of the time he didn’t mean to, it was just bad luck. Elementary school made sure to label him the ADHD kid even though his mother refused to take him to get tested. All made sure he was the outsider, continuing this thought that maybe he was a demon like his father.

The day he cast magic was the day his mother lost all hope. Tai was about six, and his mother tried taking him to his first day in a private Catholic school. Tai squirmed against his mother, fighting until he cried “NO!” that’s when lightning struck the large cross in front of the school and made it burst into shards. With the kind of fear Liana had, she knew it was his doing. She did her best to leave him, but he followed behind. The drove in silence.

For the rest of Tai’s life, his mother avoided him. It was a wonder how he got to and from school every day. Of course, he acted out more to get her attention, and other instances of magic as part of those outbursts, but it was never enough. What he didn’t realize was, he had gotten her attention too much. He went to Juvie a few times for crimes he either didn’t commit or accidentally committed.

Liana cried tears of joy when Ilvermorny sent people to explain who Tai was. “Take him, you devils,” is all she’d say, feeling as if Satan had finally come to collect his son. They tried to tell her she would have to take him back during the summer, but she didn’t find out until it happened, and some people dropped him off at her door. It was easier to avoid him in the summer.

While fascinated internally, his external appearance was that of a wizard who literally couldn’t give a tai. He was a teacher’s worst nightmare, and only managed to pass- barely- year after year because of his impressive test taking luck. During his second year summer break, Tai accidentally ran over a kid while driving to the supermarket in a stolen vehicle, but managed to avoid serving time because the police didn’t read him his Miranda rights.

He is now a third year, at Hogwarts for the Triwizard, and still a seeming demon child. While at Hogwarts, he received a heartwarming letter from his mother letting him know she had moved, to not come back, and to not follow her with his devil ways.

Tai is currently in jail for accidentally killing someone in a bar fight. He doesn't regret winning.


Tai’s main major quality is he’s rebellious. If people have to do form A, he does form B. If there’s a form C, he throws away the form. It’s the way he’s learned to survive in the world since he was little, because he already understood from an early age that the world didn’t care. In terms of trust, he doesn’t have people to trust, although he does like and talk to people, especially those as troublesome as him. In terms of love, he’s not sure that’s real either. He’s never understood how people could have such amazing parents, and yet he ended up with the one woman who could hate a child from birth. His belief is that, most parents must be like that, it’s just the rest of the world is too afraid to break free.

Tai’s street senses are okay, but his academic senses never got to flourish as they should. That being said, he isn’t a terrible learner, he just hinders himself by refusing to learn unless he’s truly interested. That was part of his code- rebel unless you like it. With magic, he soon realized when he rebelled in the classes he cared about, or thought were halfway decent, he never had the fun he expected to have. He believes that the world doesn’t matter, that people don’t matter, so you should do whatever anyways.

He isn’t bad, so much as extra, and very very annoying. Most people at ilvermorny are just annoyed by him, they don't’ necessarily believe he’s evil. With the setting being more hospitable, he’s mellowed down from his window braking days, but still has trouble connecting. He might be too damaged to fix, or he might be someone worth saving. Despite his extraness and annoyingness, people have found his loud obnoxious style to also be somewhat charismatic, something he’s only picked up recently. Tai can get into a lot of trouble even without meaning to, so when he’s meaning to, he gets into twice the trouble.



Tai Andrada
RPer Manolo
Age 19
Birthday October 31th, 2023
Nationality United States
Ethnicity Filipino
Species Wizard
Blood Muggle Born
Orientations idk
Gender Male
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Faceclaim Grae Fernandez
Height 5'4 ft.
Weight 110lb
Schooling Ilvermorny
Year 3rd
Occupation Studemt
Wand Dogwood, Rougarou Hair, 10 1/2 inches, springy
Wand Arm Left
Patronus A Cat
Boggart the kid he ran over
Location For now, unsure
Languages English, Bisaya, some spanish, broken tagalog

Model: Grae Fernandez

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