The headquarters for Tanilon Incorporated is situated in the middle of a park, approximately west of the heart of the city. With three main buildings, all are designed by state of the art architects and are heavily emphasized to be eco friendly. The business, or incorporation, specialises in residential, or real estate. They have built private suburbs and a string of apartment complexes across Magical England.

However, they are not a construction company and are partnered with the Bostwick Construction Company in order to build their products. They design, fund and own the buildings, though. Thus, they have a sub department for their own architects. Other professions include interior designers, electricians and plumbers.

For the public, the surrounding parks and the ground level is open for use. The ground level includes a waiting area and a small cafeteria. However, the levels above is restricted to employees only. The highest floor is dedicated to the owner and the top brass.


Coral Gates (l)
Riverhall (h)
Lincliff Seacret (l)


Hillcrest Ridge (l)
Willows Garden (l)
Park Square (d)
Downton Drive (l)
Honeysuckle Drive (h)
Cornelia Avenue (l)

Tanilon Inc.




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