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Tarrin Tyler
Tarrin 1
salt of the earth
May 15
Zander Tyler (father)
Terra Nichols (mother)
Kylie Tyler (stepmother)
Mickey Nichols (stepfather)
Name Pronunciation
TAHR-rinn TAI-lerr
Blood Status
rped by red

Tarrin Tyler is a part-Earth nymph and freelance herbologist.
Eye Color
Varying shades of green
Hair Color
Clothing Style
"Take a look around the page, stupid. There's gotta be at least a dozen pictures here or so. You've got eyes, now f***ing use them."

Native Language
Earliest Memory
Being in the garden
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear

"Once upon a time, an earth nymph met a wizard. They gazed into each other's eyes, and all that crap, and then they fell into this deep dark, bottomless, pit with no hope that people call love. They had my grandfather, who had my mother, who had me.

"Now, you see, my parents thought they found the bottomless pit too. Really, all they found was this tiny, shallow sand hole. Anyway, they were too f***ing stupid to realize how easy it was to get out of something so shallow and meaningless, that they got married. The one good thing that came from that marriage is me. They hated fighting in front of me, but like I said, they were f***ing stupid. They'd leave the glass shards on the floor after throwing them at the walls, and my dad would go out every other night to 'watch a movie' when really he was banging other women. And my mom, who went to the dentist every week to 'encourage good dental hygiene' but came back with her hair and clothes in disarray. F***ing idiots, how did I ever result from the two of them combined? Do two bads make a good or something?

"Anyway, so one day I caught dear ol' dad snogging the nice lady next door, and I panicked because I was seven and stupid and didn't see what was going on. So, I ran to my mum, told her that dad was sucking someone else's face off and you know what she did? She f***ing beamed. She exclaimed, "Thank God!" and she kissed me on the cheek and swanned off. That night she told me to pack up all my seven-year-old sh*t 'cause we were going to Disneyland. The f***ing liar.

"My parents got the divorce a couple months later and they both remarried, my dad has loads of times but my mum is finally happy or something with this bloke named Mickey, who I don't like that much, but she likes 'im a lot, so, I'm lettin' her be. Anyway, so I didn't spend much time with both of my families after that. I went on with life and found friends while my parents continued searching for the bottomless pit.

"I got my Hogwarts letter at eleven like everyone else. I was sorted into Gryffindor, even though I was supposed to be in f***ing Hufflepuff. God bless that dingy old hat for letting me choose. I graduated seven years later, not accomplishin' much, because I mean, everyone tells you you're gonna grow up, be a special little flower and then find your bottomless pit then fall into it, but people aren't always right. I mean, they're people."

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Loyal, Kind-hearted, Clever
Worst Qualities
Rude, Stubborn, Skeptic
Most Influenced By
His parents
Tarrin is very morally gray on a lot of things. He isn't a big fan of doing good, but neither is he a big fan of doing bad. He's a big fan of surviving though and thus will do anything to stay alive.

He feels most at peace at nature, being an earth nymph, and loves peace and quiet. He doesn't like it when people interrupt that peace and quiet, especially if those people are little children. He hates children, and hates babies. They're too loud for his taste.

Tarrin hates reading books, because why would anyone willingly subject themselves to that many words? He loves watching TV and movies. He hates flying and apparating, and as much as possible tries to walk. He loves being barefoot and takes off his shoes when he wants to think. He's good at Herbology, but that's just 'cause of his part nymph-ness, so he doesn't consider it a skill. He's good at History of Magic and Wizarding Law too, and those were his favorite subjects in school.

Among all the other elements, he likes fire best because he doesn't feel very comfortable around water, and especially around air. The relationship of his parents hasn't made him believe that love doesn't exist. He knows it's out there, just thinks that it's a stupid, bottomless pit. And why would anyone want to fall into a bottomless pit willingly? He believes in the friendship part of love, and is a strong believer in the whole 'love is friendship set on fire' thing.

He wears shades often and curses a lot. He's still a fan of watching children's TV shows, but doesn't tell that to anyone. (His favorite is Avatar.)

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Tarrin Tyler - Graduated Gryffindor • Part-Nymph

- "The earth has music for those who listen."
Message Me  - 04:22, August 16, 2014 (UTC)

"Get the f*** away from me."

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skills and magical abilities
Herbology: Being an earth nymph, he can identify plants just by looking at them and 'encourage' them to grow by being around them. He can touch plants and instantly make them bloom if he wants to, or make fruits and vegetables grown from the earth fresher.

History of Magic & Wizarding Law: Tarrin hated studying but these two subjects always fascinated him.

Wand: Tarrin's wand is a Pine, 7 inches, Dragon Heartstring. The straight-grained pine wand always chooses an independent, individual master who may be perceived as a loner, intriguing and perhaps mysterious. Pine wands enjoy being used creatively, and unlike some others, will adapt unprotestingly to new methods and spells.


*Tarrin thinks he would've been better in Hufflepuff, never having fit in with the fiery nature of Gryffindors, though he never admits it.
*Tarrin is a cat person.
*He smokes, and hasn't ever considered breaking the habit.
*He's been told too many times that his eyes are 'cool', because they're green and tend to shift shades and tints, so he wears shades to hide it.

Sexual and Romantic Orientation
Heterosexual, Heteroromantic
Relationship Status
Pine, 7 inches, Dragon Heartstring
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
Licorice Wands
Amortentia Scents
Soil, plants, fresh air
Favorite Song
He doesn't like music much.

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