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tears of heart.

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Tayla Raegan
Timothy Raegan(Father)

Agatha Reeves(Mother)

Tia Raegan(Sister, age 27)
Blood Status
Human; Witch
This character is roleplayed by NAP

Tayla is a former Beauxbatons student and is now an unemployed seer.

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Tayla has dark hair and brown eyes that compliment her olive-ish skin. She tends to sport a nose ring.

A French witch and an American wizard met together a year after both of them had graduated. Four years later, they moved to France together and got married. Both Timothy and Agatha had always wanted a large family and was determined to have one. Together, the two raised nineteen kids, eleven girls and eight boys. At the very bottom of that list was Tayla Raegan. Tayla and always been the runt of her family, the black sheep, the centaur in a pool of horses. Her family had high expectations of each of their kids and many of them went on to live successful, happy lives. Yet, Tayla was always different. She didn't want to be all business or the perfect child that her siblings were. She wanted to be herself and that showed. Tayla liked being social and having fun, never having a dull moment. Her parents and siblings never approved of such behavior from her, but decided, after thirteen years of her existence, that they would let it go.

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Tayla's school years at Beauxbatons were everything she expected them to be. She loved quidditch and had tried out every year (only for her to fail and not make it), she attempted to do well in all of her classes (which she also failed at) and she was meeting new people left and right. During her fourth year, when Tayla came out to her parents as pansexual (much to their disapproval) and she realized she wasn't doing well in school, she began to feel depressed. She remained social and bubbly, but when she was alone, she would cry and cry until she couldn't cry anymore. Her mother got her checked for depression before her fifth year and she was diagnosed. Tayla also discovered that her mother didn't actually care about her sexuality or how she had acted, as long as she was happy, much to her excitement. Of course, she continued struggle with her father and trying to appear perfect in his eyes.

After school she moved to Godric's Hollow to live out her life in peace, while doing so she found out she was a Seer, similar to some of her siblings. Tayla began to sort her life out before, at age 18, her parents got a divorce. Her angry father got nearly everything out of the divorce and her mother got nothing, but their five cats and some furniture. Tayla forgot about her father after that, ignoring him and blocking him out for good. Her mother and older, disabled sister moved in with her after the separation. She became closer with both of them as time progressed and once her mother had retired, she was encouraged to try to join the Ministry of Magic, but settled on becoming a teacher at Hogwarts, a school she always heard good things about. So at age 22, Tayla set out to get a job and to finally find her romantic soul a fellow hopeless romantic.

Tayla is a normally very bubbly, kind person and quite the socialite. She's also quite the people pleaser and is a pushover most of the time. She blames this on her kindness, but she knows it's really her way of keeping and making friends. She would do anything for anybody, although sometimes she's not always that person. Ever since her fourth year at school, Tayla has been rather depressed and had been, in fact, diagnosed with depression. Although Tayla normally doesn't show this side of her to others, she will spend periods of time alone, away from everyone where it seems like she's disappeared. She normally spends this time crying or expressing her feelings through writing letters to random people. No one truly knows about her depression other than her mother. Tayla is also quite the romantic and wants nothing more than to meet the one. She takes more time to get over a break up then others and normally doesn't break off a relationship, but does normally start them. She prefers treating her boyfriends or girlfriends like kings or queens and she expects the same in return.

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friends, acquaintances and enemies




Tayla doesn't have any known romances, although she's more than open to one.

5 Annoying Cats - Technically they're her mother's cats, but she's mainly in charge of taking care of them.

Boo - Her five year old Scottish Terrier, she adores him to death

Tayla is rather skilled at the following:

Potions (Scored an O on NEWTS)

Divintations (Scored an O on NEWTS)

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French (speaking)

German (speaking)

Irish (speaking)

Italian (speaking)

Polish (speaking)

Main Information:
  • Her patronus is a butterfly, much to her confusion
  • Her amortenia smells of grass and smoke
  • Her boggart is her father abusing her, although that never happened
  • She's a Seer
Handedness Left and Right-Handed
Sexual and Romantic Orientation Pansexual; Panromantic
Relationship Status Single, Desperately Looking
Pets 5 Annoying Cats; Boo
Favourite Songs N/A
Favourite Colours Greens and Blues
Favourite Sweet Jellybeans
Most Treasured Possession Her bracelets, made by school friends of her's
Where to Find Them The Raegan House or Drinking Tea Here

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