Tempest Hastings

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Basic Information
AGE Sixteen
SEXUALITY Demisexual, Biromantic
MODEL Odeya Rush


Tempest Hastings was an accidental child. She was the cause of a common drunk night with her alcoholic mother, Joanna Hastings, who was most certainly quite attracted to the bartender. Thing was, the bartender was equally attracted the woman and the two ended up in bed together. When Joanna woke up the next morning, she couldn't barely remember a thing. And a massive headache and hangover didn't help give those memories back. She didn't have a clue protection wasn't involved. Though, she didn't bother trying to find the bartender when finding out. Honestly, she almost got an abortion until opting out last minute. So, Tempest was born - wanted or not - and would eventually grow up to a life controlled by her greedy mother for the worse.

Joanna Hastings was money crazy. What seemed like an eternity ago, when she was only a child, she lived in an elegant mansion and wore the most beautiful silk clothes. It wasn't like that when she had Tempest. In fact, especially since the woman spent half of her small paycheck on booze most of the time, Joanna was quite poor then. Though, the woman had dreams and ideas to help her greedy needs and she needed Tempest to do so. Starting at the age of five, the young daughter would be auditioning for commercials and trying to get small roles for tv shows and movies. It was constant. And all anything Joanna wanted. It was almost like she treated her daughter more like a tool in her plan rather than a loved one. But young little Tempest was too innocent and oblivious to realize. She wouldn't come to realize of her sick mother until sometime later and much too late.

Although Tempest wouldn't know until she was nine, Joanna was a squib. Squib born to a high-ranking pure-blood family in America, that is. She was outcasted for being a squib. Unwanted. It hurt Joanna. A lot. Watching her parents be proud as her older and younger siblings show acts of magic for the first time. It hurt most when Joanna had come to the point of realization her first sign of magic would never show. She got over it, though. Moved from the US to England and started a new and muggle-filled life. She never forgot watching her sibling's and their first signs of magic, though. So, that's how she knew Tempest was a wizard when she had her's. The nine year-old was with her mother, walking down the street and heading to an audition. The walked by a tall ladder, a man standing on top and trying to do some sort of task for his store, when a wrong step was made and he tripped off the ladder and fell to the cement sidewalk ground. Who knows what would of happened if he hadn't started floating (by Tempest's doing) up and back to his spot. The three - Tempest, her mother, and the man - stood there stunned until Joanna came to her senses and dragged her daughter away from the scene. Things would be explained to the girl after the audition, in which she unfortunately didn't get.

Although it took convincing from her mother who wanted her to be home-schooled, Tempest would attend Hogwarts. Well, at least for her first year. Although she had done small roles before and was in a few commercials, Tempest had never really been apart of something big. Nothing that her mother dreamed of. Well, not until the summer before her second year and landed an audition for a decently big role in a movie. Turns out, the movie did quite well in charts and Tempest would ultimately start getting decently known through the acting world. She had to drop out of school, though, and her mother was able to find a wizard to help tutor and teach Tempest instead. As years past, Tempest's popularity would gain more and more from roles she got. It was when she was fifteen when she received the lead role to a movie and her fame was at it's peaked. Joanna loved it. The popularity. The fame. The money. The more time passed, the more Tempest hated it. Being pushed around by her mother day by day and overworked all the time. She wanted to go to Hogwarts. Be just some average and ordinary wizard student. She did have a magic tutor, but she really felt most like a muggle and was thought to be one by almost everyone.

She finally got the courage to tell her mother she wanted to quit acting - at least for a bit - when she was sixteen. Her mother didn't take it well. The two screamed at each other for weeks and weeks and refused to come up with a compromise. Though, eventually, Joanna finally stopped her yelling and gave up. Though, she made sure for her daughter to say it was only a break. To go to Hogwarts and be a student for a bit until graduation which wasn't that far away. So, it being past halfway of her sixth year, Tempest is finally back at Hogwarts and has a lot to catch up on. It'd be much more different than some tutor she'd see every so often.




Being so famous in the muggle-world and to some of the wizarding world as well, Tempest is being judged everyday. People judge all the time - if they mean it or not - and judgement can often lead to insecurities. Thousands of random strangers forming opinions on her every single day for years has left Tempest filled with all sorts of insecurities. She worries if she's too short. She worries if people will notice if she has a lot of acne one day. She worries about her voice and how it sounds. It's constant worry that builds up inside of her and she tries to push deep down. As well as coming with judgement, people known in the media also have to make sure not to say something wrong. Have to be careful not to slip up and cause a scandal or controversy. Tempest learned to have a filter with what and what not to say when on camera, and it's blended into her real life as well. It's not common for her to talk about politics, both muggle and wizard.

For doing so most of her life, Tempest is a good actor. Really, really good. It's clearly shown in any role she's played for television, but she often is good at using her skill in real life as well. She's good at masking her emotions if there's a situation that she needs to. Put on a smile and pretend she's happy even if she truly isn't. That has been put to the test quite a bit through her career. She's also has quite the knack for lying, if it's a good or bad trait, take it as you will. Tempest would say decently good. She doesn't often have to lie in a sake of mischief, but the girl does have her troublemaker sort of days.

Tempest is as ambitious as they come. If her heart's set out for something, she'll work as hard as she possibly can to achieve it. She doesn't like going the easy route either, no. She will work for what she wants fairly, knowing in her heart she will feel much more accomplished if she knows what she's achieved was fought for. She, especially, would not pay for something with money rather than working hard for it. Really, Tempest's head has always stayed quite grounded growing up, very contrast to her greedy mother. She didn't let the fame get to her, and plans for it to never will. Though, guess it makes somewhat sense since she never really wanted the fame in the first place.




Other Information
FATHER Unknown
MOTHER Joanna Hastings
HOMETOWN London, England
BODY TYPE Shortish

Magical Information
WAND Rowan Wood, 11', Unicorn Hair
BLOOD STATUS Muggle-born
SCHOOL Hogwarts
HOUSE Slytherin

FAVE FOOD Cheeseburger
FAVE DRINK Sparkling Water






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