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thalassa machiavelli
nebula child
september 2
antonia machiavelli (mother)

marcelli machiavelli (adoptive father)
dorian insigne (father // deceased)

nyx machiavelli (half-sister)
Name Pronunciation
/θəˈlæsə/ [mmakjaˈvɛlli]
Blood Status
human // witch
rped by lilly mara

thalassa machiavelli is an italian slytherin sixth year.
Eye Color
Hair Color
five feet six inches.
Clothing Style
anything leather, black, or both.
her model is kaya scodelario.

Native Language
italian, english, some spanish.
Earliest Memory
always being outrun by her sister.
Type of Childhood
Childhood Fear

What a beautiful wedding,
What a beautiful wedding!
Says a bridesmaid to a waiter.
"Yes, but what a shame, what a shame the poor groom's bride is a whore."

Thalassa refuses to believe anything horrible about Dorian Insigne, even though she has never met the man due to his untimely death, and Marcelli Machiavelli has replaced him as a father figure. Dorian was Antonia, her mother's, arranged fiance at eighteen years of age - and, her mother has never told her anything but bad things about the man. That he forced her to be a housewife, the tales got worse and worse each time Antonia told them, so that Thalassa felt bad for being such a man's flesh and blood, rather than Marcelli's, even though the latter couldn't have cared much less.

Her half-sister Nyx Machiavelli, born nine months after herself, is Marcelli's daughter, making her a half-vampire. Thalassa is, by birth, a raven animagus, and were it not for Marcelli and Nyx she would have run away by this point. After Thalassa was born Antonia had enough, and started an affair with a noble man - Marcelli. This resulted in her becoming impregnated with Nyx, yes, and something would have to be done. So, while on a cruise trip, Antonia drowned her husband, holding him down in the water, before feigning grief and innocence.

The Muggles on the cruise were fooled, and Antonia got away without charge. As soon as she returned to Italy, she married her lover Marcelli, and the child of her and her first husband was born; Thalassa Machiavelli. Antonia decided rather quickly to keep the child - it would give her and Marcelli the start to a family, and she would accept Marcelli as her father. The girl had the stunning blue eyes of some descendant, and so the girl was named after the Greek Primordial Goddess of the sea, since naming people after a Roman seemed too common. However, Thalassa didn't see much of her mother, only seeing a nurse and occasionally Marcelli. Shockingly quickly, they concieved.

This brought on the best companion of Thalassa's life; amber-eyed, midnight haired younger half-sister Nyx Machiavelli born prematurely on May 5th. Marcelli chose the name Nyx for her. And quickly the two girls were thick as thieves, and indeed Thalassa was slowly becoming one. At the age of six, Thalassa accidentally came across her mother's Pensieve. Antonia had had a small bout of guilt about what she had done to Dorian, and decided to remove the memory from her head and put it in the Pensieve despite the fact it didn't quite work that way. Thalassa, seeing the memory of the incident, left the Pensieve memory scarred and terrified of water. Bodies of water, plus being sprayed with water, seemed to terrify her, although shallow bath washing seemed to be something she forced herself to do. This memory was followed with memories of her father, in a long, painful burst that confirmed fears.

Immediately after being subjected to the memory, the Pensieve sort of exploded with the force of distress and agony the girl was going through; although she didn't know it, it was her first magical sign.

Nyx found out about it from a distressed Thalassa and they promised each other they would get out of there as soon as they could, realising that they were in for eleven years of hell before they could even consider it. That was daunting, even if they did have each other, and Thalassa avoided her mother and spent the majority of her time with Marcelli, due to the way he accepted her despite not being her own blood, he was as good as family. It was Marcelli who shielded the girls from their mother the majority of the time as soon as he found out what she had done.

When the girls turned ten Marcelli began taking them with him to his job at Willowby Academy For Troubled Witches, in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, where they took a dorm room together. He didn't feel it was safe anymore to leave them with her after several angry arguments and such like. That, and the fact that he had to if he didn't want to lose them; Thalassa and Nyx had become so incensed that they had in fact reported the age-old crime to the Italian Ministry, of which Antonia was convicted and sent to Azkaban prison.

Their schooling started at eleven - where they really began to meet the rest of them. Livia Carstairs, who they had sort of known already as she was the headmaster's daughter. Raquel Moreau, one of Thally's new favourite people. Nina Notaras, the craziest person she's ever met. The following year Miranda Moreau, the cutest, and Piper Hohenzollern, some kind of heir. The group remained together, and when one of the group was forced a transfer, the rest of them trailed behind.

personality and traits
Best Qualities
Worst Qualities
Most Influenced By
nyx machiavelli
Thalassa is a slight enigma; adults are an awful mix of sadness and phobias, and she feels herself going that way. A natural bookworm who usually spends time around her sister, she may be surprisingly social because she is afraid of being forgotten. Yes, she has a worldview many cannot empathise with, but she's going to make her views known and feels like she has passed the point she could call her mind malleable. Intelligence is her forte, the child genius of the group, and she has a certain way with words, her friends say. Thalassa is stubborn as a brick wall, or a bull for that matter, and this can lead to clashes, despite her preference for measured argument. She works hard in class for her own self-benefit and the skill and power it provides. She trusts her head over her heart, but since both are troubled at sea, it makes little difference. Ironically, given her sea deity name, she's terrified of the water.

talk bubble
Thalassa BW
Thalassa Machiavelli - nebula child • fifth year slytherin
- “smoke as black as charcoal fills into our fragile lungs.”
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skills and magical abilities


Thalassa is currently learning how to become an Animagus, for future reference; it could be useful at some point in the future.

Jinxes and Hexes

When you need a retaliation to being sprayed with water, it's useful to know these.

a list of her personal favourites:
  1. a pocket watch stolen off some rich guy on the street because she thought it looked cute
  2. a 'just did it' shirt she managed to get from a muggle shop one time



left. was forced to write with her right for some time but never grasped it.
Sexual and Romantic Orientation
asexual // biromantic
Relationship Status
single af.
Favorite Drink
Favorite Sweet
candy apples.
Amortentia Scents
gasoline. she knows it's weird.
Favorite Song
anything halsey.


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