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The Apothecary

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Beetle Eyes

Here, we serve anyone and everyone who needs an ingredient. We have everything from Salamander Blood to Flobberworm Mucus. Items will be gladly sold to both student and staff alike, so take your pick and let me dig out the items.

Now, where did I put that jar of rose oil…?

We also have a potions lab at the back of our shop. It is a small room, however many potions can be bought in the shop made by hand.

We also make custom orders so feel free to jot down our order here. You will receive a reply with the price and then, soon after, the potion as requested, as it may take several days to brew.


This is a catalogue of all the items we currently have to offer. Other ingredients can be ordered by request, feel free to ask if you do not find that which you seek. Some items may be out of stock and a little patience may be required when obtaining them.

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