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Welcome to the Hmm Cafe! Have a cup of tea or maybe a homebaked muffin. Take a seat and breathe in the sweet smell of baked goods. Everything here is homemade and made with all natural ingredients and even real brewed tea.




Owner/Manager: Julija Bilandžić


Caera and Titti[]


Caera Dea 1/3 Dummy • Slytherin Alum • Beloved Goddess

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The Hmm cafe
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Caera was flicking through a magazine just behind one of the counters. It was one of those cheap gossip magazines that someone had left forgotten on their table. Caera recognised some of the faces but she didn't care to really know who they were. What was amusing was the stories that they were telling. Something that she wasn't slow in recounting to Titti. She'd spent the past hour giggling over rumours that were a little too ridiculous to believe, even for Caera's gullible mind. It was a slow day, a particularly slow day, and Caera was almost tempted to close shop at two o'clock. However, her sister was here and it didn't hurt having it opened for some passerby. Closing was always so time consuming anyway. She had to do this and that before she could even take off her apron, and don't get her started on the prep for tomorrow. She was pretty sure even Tiffany was sick of hearing Caera's 3 am alarms. Caera had three because one was never enough to make her wake up. Two wasn't enough either because then she'd just doze. No, three was enough. "You know, how long do you think it will take before you're in one of these?" She asked as she tossed a lollipop into her mouth. It was her recent love and she'd even been looking into how to make them by hand but it all seemed rather complicated.

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