The Little Shop


The Little Shop is located on the corner of Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley. It's an electronics store run by Elara Daniels and Joel Björklund. There's few other employees, including Siobhán Neville. They sell electronics, insulated against the magic that would normally muck in the workings. They sell everything from iPods, to lamps, to laptops (no wifi however). While electronics are the majority of it, there's a small array of other muggle stuff — they've got a few racks of muggle clothes, some muggle sweets.



Mika and Jasper


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One would never expect to see Mika in a store like this. But she needed a particular device and she couldn't find it anywhere else. Nor did she have the energy to sneak into the muggle world. Mika could do it, sure, but it wasn't worth it. So she was in this place, looking for a specific model. However, she was coming to the conclusion that it wasn't here either. For f-ck sake. Though it wasn't as if she really needed it. She just wanted it. Surely that was one and the same? Mika held back from running a hand through her hair out of frustration. Her hair was impeccable and she didn't want to mess it up. Looking around the room, Mika wondered if there some other electronic that she could use.

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full name Jasper Jeongsu Myung
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sign Aquarius
age 20
occupation 11:11, freelance animator
relationship status Single

Jasper Myung

One would never expect to see Jasper even on this side of town. He's never had a reason to be here, and he's never explored Diagon Alley far enough to find this place, so it seems kind of strange why he's suddenly shown up at the front door. But he was sure this was where he could buy some Kit Kats, as they were muggle chocolate, and the store selled some muggle candies. What? Mari hypes up Kit Kats a lot. He just wanted to try some. Or a couple hundred. Depends on who you ask. He's greeting one of the employees behind the sales counter when he sees Mika and raises an eyebrow, wondering what could possibly be frustrating her so much. As the nice person he is, he decides to help because he has plenty of time to kill before Levi kills him. "You look like you're looking for something," he said casually, approaching Mika.

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