The Quad is a courtyard located on the Hogwarts Castle exterior area. This courtyard is connected to the Boathouse and the Viaduct. There are four towers, two each located at either end of this courtyard; Gryffindor Tower, the Grand Staircase Tower, the Stone Bridge Tower and the North Tower. In the middle of the other two sides are the Suspension Bridge Towers and the Hospital Wing. Gobstones players usually gather here to play Snake Pit.

The Quad
ground floor


Troy and Ilman


Park IlmanSlytherin 7th Year ♦ Prefect ♦ Seeker

「 Age 」
17 y/o
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Ilman is walking around, looking self-important as he patrols this area. It's not like he's supposed to, according to how the prefects have divided up the castle, but he's doing it anyway because he likes extending the reach of his power.

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full name Troy Fitzgerald Lascano
birthday 24th of January
sign Aquarius
age 16
occupation Sixth Year
house Hufflepuff
relationship status 💛

Troy Fitzgerald Lascano

Troy was playing cards by himself in one of the corners, using his textbook as a makeshift table. It was spider so he had all his cards lined up and was currently trying to figure out where a nine or a jack was, because he was currently holding a ten. Troy didn't bother with the suits. Troy didn't notice Ilman. If he had, he might have gathered his things and left.

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