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The Wildwood Mansion

Wildwood Mansion

You walk down a long lane. At the right time of day, at the right point of the lane, the sunset looked so beautiful. In front of you was the Wildwood Mansion, where the three Wildwood chldren live.

Dining Room[]

Wildwood Dining room

The dining room is used for family meals. Breakfast is normally toast, rolls, a choice of fruit, and full english breakfasts. Lunch is normally in the kitchen. Dinner varies a lot, and the family make more of a fuss over it, but there are always rolls and some sort of meat. If you look closely, there's a trap door, used by the family to escape the house, should the time come.


Wildwood kitchen

The kitchen is where all the meals are cooked. It's usually Valentine who does the cooking.

Living Room[]

Wildwood lounge room

The living room is where the family spend most of their time. Its always loud in their, as Sam and Fabien always argue about what channel to watch.

Master Bedroom[]

Wildwood master bedroom

The master bedroom is their uncles bedroom. It has a TV (due to them liking muggle items), a comfy bed, books, a walk in wardrobe and a balcony. Normally, the uncle is on business trips and is rarely home so the room is more of a guest room than anything.

Sam's Room[]

Sams room

This is Sam's bedroom. It contains a radio, a bed and various other things. He doesn't normally let anyone other than the house elf.

Valentine's Room[]

Valentines room

This is Valentine's bedroom. It contains a lot of shelves, a bed, a computer and a desk. This room is often empty, so sometimes Sam uses her computer to use muggle social networks, but not much, or put other clothes in Valentine's cupboards. Valentine normally lets anyone in her family into her room.

Fabien's Room[]

Fabiens room

This is Fabien's room. He does everything in here, and often invites Valentine to spend time with him in here, just don't expect it to be tidy.


Wildwood study

This room is open for everybody. There are hundreds of books, written by both muggles and witches/wizards.

The Pool[]

Wildwood pool

The pool replaced the garden as it was to much maintanence so the uncle gave up on it, you can often see Fabien swimming in it with Valentine.