Theodora Edison
Slytherin 5th Year • Tired & Bitter
Owned by: Jaye
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Personal Information
Full Name: Theodora Marianne Edison
Age: 15
Gender: Female (cis)
Species: Witch
Nationality: French (by birth)
British (naturalized)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Sexual Orientation: Doesn't Care
Romantic Orientation: Doesn't Care
Relationship Status: Single
Accent: Middle Class English
Birthplace: Paris, France
Native Language: French
Languages Spoken: French & English
Magical Information
Blood Status: Unknown (Pure-Blood)
Wand Wood:
Wand Core:
Wand Length:
Wand Arm:
Exotic?: No

It's not to say Theodora Edison is an asshole, but Theodora Edison is an asshole. She truthfully doesn't care much for rules, often doing what she wants when she wants. Usually, she worries about herself before she worries about others; it's a relatively new thing to her, something her family isn't used to seeing in the previously very selfless girl, but she's come a long way since then, realizing the only way up is to look out for yourself first and foremost. She's very self-dependent, too; ever since she was a kid in the streets of Paris, all she's known is to look out for herself. Never depend on anyone else. And even though it's been a long time since those years, she still lives by this. Depend only on yourself, and you'll thrive.

Thea is highly judgmental and very opinionated. She's very loud about her opinions, and is bold enough that she doesn't actually care about the effects of her words, despite knowing how heavily they weigh on others. (The perks of being a writer, she supposed.) And with her very short temper, it's truthfully very easy to set her off - especially if you're so keen on disagreeing with her as she assumes people always are. If there's anything honorable about her, though, it's that she absolutely abhors lying. She values honesty first and foremost, followed by loyalty. While she's been known to waver here and there, as she's so deeply engrained in her mind the me first, others second motto, she does value when people stick by her side through thick and thin, and in these cases is known to do the same.

As ambitious as they come, there's truly nothing that stands in the way of Thea and her goals. No matter what she has to do, the methods she has to employ, or what she has to say, she's always been so determined as to achieve what she's set out to do. Usually, these actions have good meanings, but because she still hasn't discovered the meaning of tact, and is as blunt as she is, these goals can be achieved through not so honorable means. She's the epitome of does the right thing all the wrong ways. She has a long way to go, there's no point in objecting that, but overall, her heart is in the right place, and at the end of the day, that's truly what matters most, isn't it?


Theodora Edison was doomed the moment she was conceived. The marriage between Adam and Alice Dubois had appeared to be the kind worth envying, with love, happiness and stability, sans the 20 year age difference that often raised eyebrows. Alice was a small store owner in Paris whilst Adam was a teacher at Beauxbatons when they met. He had wandered into her jewelry store, had found her attractive, and despite the general disapproval because of their ages, were wed a year later. Having come from unfortunate family themselves, upon finding out they were expecting their first child, they readily came to the decision any child of theirs would lead a good life; not necessary a lucrative one, but better than theirs nonetheless.

To the world, Alice Dubois had beautiful, healthy twin girls: Amelia and Chloe Dubois. First came the former, and the latter followed three minutes later. In truth, however, Alice had a third child - one she and her husband had agreed would not stay with them. Money was tight, and their income wasn't enough to provide for a family of four, let alone one of three. Remembering their childhoods and how they had vowed to not let their children go through the same struggles, they decided to give up for adoption their oldest triplet, in hopes the birth of the other two would cause the pain of losing one of their own to ebb away. And while Amelia and Chloe were fortunate enough to lead their lives with love, their unnamed triplet lived in a rotten foster home, far from the rest of the French populace.

The child in question never knew love for the first five years of her life. Very early on, she had to learn to fend for herself; from the moment she lost her wet nurse at age one, all the way to when she was adopted at age five, she struggled for food, barely managing to scrape together the leftovers of others. It was a harsh life that not many were able to live through; the foster home, though investigated by local authorities and found free of guilt, had a survival rate of 30%. Over half the kids in their care died before they turned 18. No doubt she'd have suffered the same fate, had she not decided to go for a walk into the city that fateful day. She remembers it, still, and truthfully doubts it's a memory that will ever fade; it's engrained in her mind permanently.

Paris was a city always bustling with activity. Looking at it statistically, the chances of ever encountering the Edison family was less than a 5%; there was just too many people, too much chaos. But she was there, she met them, and her entire life changed radically. They knew they might struggle a lot more financially if they took her in, but seeing her in the state she was, answering to 'girl' or 'little scoundrel' and weighing as much as a sack of flour, it was difficult not to. Not to mention she very blatantly didn't want to return to the orphanage she had come from. Thus, they filed papers for the girl's adoption, which were approved sooner than expected, and in a matter of weeks, newly named Theodora Edison was settling into her new home in the United Kingdom.

Adjusting to her new life was easier said than done. She often clashed with the couple's first child, Tristan, and until her walls were soundproofed from the outside in, she found she couldn't sleep because of second son Gideon's nightly wails. But little by little, she began to warm up to them; they were, after all, the ones who had saved her from what would was her inevitable death. She didn't have to suffer any more, and in part, she knew she had to be grateful for it. She and Tristan continued to clash, though, but at least Gideon became slightly more tolerable as time progressed. She was able to - not necessarily mold, so much as try to mold - her adoptive younger brother. It took more work than she expected, and in truth she thinks all she did was make him less annoying, but hey, at least she took her time to put the effort in.

One thing she knew for sure: being adopted by the Edisons didn't make Thea's life any less hectic. Her parents were busy people, and she was forced to attend muggle primary with other equally as bratty children. She hated it, the bustling of activity in London, as it reminded her of Paris. For this reason, Lucienne and Arthur conceded to private tutors for her. While the downside was having to learn with Tristan of all people, it was a little easier on her, and gave her a lot of time to venture into her home village of Hogsmeade. It was considerably less populated, and perfect for an adventurer like Thea. Her brothers often lagged behind, but that was usually because Thea was too fast to keep up with - usually on purpose. She did everything she could to lose them off her tail, and with good reason (or so she thought).

Thea honestly never aligned with other girls her age. She didn't like anything excessively 'girly', she often struggled to find interest in girl toys, movies, or literally anything else, and truthfully only shared an interest in makeup and hairdo's. This came at the chagrin of her father, who detested the idea of his daughter, regardless of not being his blood, actually growing up. Knowing she wasn't truly changing much, though, preserving her passion for roughhousing and sports, was much easier on him though. But, as you'd expect, they began to drift apart come her acceptance letter to Hogwarts (coming after she caused it to rain inside the house for hours) and subsequent send-off. It was a new environment, the one she found herself in. She often kept to herself, though, preferring solitude over the swarm of immature students in her year.

Thea's years at Hogwarts have been entirely uneventful thus far. Nothing truly happened except a couple (a lot) of detentions here and there, breaking rules and sneaking off way past curfew to do this or that. The number of detentions were piling up, and nothing her parents did seemed to have an effect on Thea. It was as though she had changed radically from one day to the other - and they didn't like it. So, for the final leg of her fourth year and the first semester of her fifth, they sent her to Salem's Institute for Witches - an all-girl academy that would, in theory, set her straight. And it did. She didn't get into as much trouble without the shitty influences she had at Hogwarts. Plus, you know, returning to Hogwarts was a good incentive to behave well. Luckily, she and her parents came to a solid agreement; as soon as her first semester of her fifth year was done, they'd get a transfer in. At the first sign of trouble, they'd ship her back out. And they honored their side of the deal. So now, it's up to Thea to honor hers.

Model: Lili Reinhart
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5'7
Weight: -
Voice Type: Mezzo-Soperano
Blood Type: AB+
Distinguishing Marks: N/A
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Father: Adam Dubois
Arthur Edison
Mother: Alice Dubois
Lucienne Edison
Full Siblings: Chloé Dubois & Amelia Dubois
Half Siblings: N/A
Guardian(s): Arthur & Lucienne Edison
Spouse: TBA
Children: N/A
Other Relatives: Tristan Edison & Gideon Edison
Name Meaning:


Nicknames: Thea
Favourite Colour: Dark Red
Favourite Movie: Breakfast Club
Favourite Song: This Is America
Favourite Food: Cheeseburgers
Favourite Drink: Cookies n Creme Milkshake
First Kiss: TBA
First Crush: TBA
First Love: TBA
First Time: TBA
Most Important People: TBA
Most Treasured Possessions:
Custom Trivia:
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