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Birthday 27th feb
Age 15
Status alive
Pronunciation thEE-uh-dawr core-krin
Family rachelle bletchley (mother)
stephen bletchley (father)
paul bletchley (stepfather)
margaret corcoran (adoptive mother)
dennis corcoran (adoptive father)
Handedness right
Gender male
Orientation bi
Relationship single
Nationality english
Speaks english; french; german; latin; ancient greek
Species half-death nymph
Blood Status pureblood
Eye Color brown
Hair Color dark brown
Height 6'4"
Model aubrey joseph

The first thing anybody and everybody notices about Teddy is his height. The boy is tall, standing at 6'4" and with very little muscle to keep himself supported - blame that on a diet of coffee and running laps around the lake every morning. The next thing they notice is how he very obviously does not look like the other members of his family; while they are all very blonde and considerably paler, he boasts the dark skin and darker eyes of his biological parents. His hair is usually left natural, or fashioned into short dreads for ease when it grows long enough, though he's always one bad day away from cropping it short completely. As for his style, the only word that comes to mind is comfortable. There's a black letterman jacket he often sports, simply because it's the only jacket he owns and Hogwarts gets cold in the winter months, but everything apart from that is distinctly unremarkable. You spend enough time around ghosts, you learn to blend in just as well as they do.
Being born into a clan of necromancers sounds cool, right? At least, it does to Teddy. It's not like it was an underground crime ring or anything like that, far from it - unethical practices aside, the group were merely a collection of death nymphs coming together in an attempt to perfect their powers of necromancy. After all, if they could figure out how to revive a human being with few or no side effects, what could be bad about that? Okay, maybe they were naive. Rachelle Bletchley was very naive, to the point where she neglected to mention to her then-husband that a) she had those powers in the first place and b) she was using them to raise people from the dead. When she eventually told him, the reaction was understandably negative. A divorce followed shortly after, with Stephen Bletchley winning full custody of his two-year-old son (the court agreed that living with a group of freaks was not the best upbringing Teddy could have) and remarrying, settling with his new husband and son.

Things were peaceful, but not for very long. You see, the knowledge that his son would share the same powers as his ex-wife was simply too much for Stephen, who - quite stupidly, really - eventually gave Teddy up for adoption in a Muggle orphanage. Never been one for responsibility, unfortunately. Luckily, Teddy was taken in relatively quickly; he ended up in a loving household on the south coast of the country. A very loving, very Christian family. And he was half a death nymph. Yes, you can see the problems already.

It was a comfortable upbringing for the most part. Money was funnelled into his education, attending an all-boys Catholic school and studying languages with a passion, and although his new parents were a tad strict, Teddy never wanted for anything. His magical abilities were a complete no-show and due to the lack of any documentation from his biological father, he had no idea about his old family or the magical abilities they possessed. That was until he turned ten years old. This is where things got- ugly. Suggestions of his nymph abilities were coming through bit-by-bit - he was the only person who could make the new baby in the family sleep; he could tell when people in church had lost relatives without being told; he could stop arguments by just walking into the room - but nothing particularly noticeable until the family cat was poisoned after eating rodent bait. To this day, Teddy isn't sure how he did it, but all he knows is that the cat was on death's door until he- well, he did something. There was a rush of energy and a small light and the animal was back on four legs as if nothing had ever happened.

That would be strange enough for a normal family. A deeply religious one took it a step further. The immediate conclusion that was jumped to was that Teddy was a miracle; literally, a God-given miracle, sent from above to be a prophet or whatever. It's a lot for a kid to deal with. Word spread very quickly through the town and the church of Teddy's abilities, followed by immense pressure to go public with his story and get some money out of it. His parents saw pound signs, signing him up for things he didn't agree to and had no say in, never once stopping to ask whether Teddy actually wanted that or, heaven forbid, if he'd even done anything and maybe the cat just had a lucky escape.

The Hogwarts letter saved him. It came at night through his bedroom window, allowing him to retrieve it and read it in secret, and God, the relief. It's not easy for a ten-year-old to run away from home but he sure as hell did it; packing a bag as quietly as he could and catching the Knight Bus, which manifested in his deserted rural street and thus must have been there specifically for him. London was more difficult to navigate. Police officers stopped him and asked him why he was alone, and if it hadn't been for a passing family talking a little too loudly about Hogwarts and other terminology he recognised, he'd probably have ended up in the back room of a police station, waiting to be collected. But no, he followed the family and acted like he knew he what he was doing, and that was that. He was a Hogwarts student. There's probably a missing persons campaign or something for him back home - it's been several years since his disappearance so he's not exactly holding his breath - but Teddy stays at the school when he can and in Backpackers Hostel when he can't. It's a little close to home, but not too much. Not enough to be scary.
Death nymphs tend to have a very morbid, tempestuous character, intentionally rebellious and eternally nihilistic. Teddy, thank goodness, is in the minority. Rebellious couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to him; very much a wallflower at heart, Teddy is more than happy to exist in the shadows and has no desire to have a spotlight or, heaven forbid, take the spotlight from somebody else. The brief but intense period of 'fame', if you want to call it that, he experienced as a child was more than enough to scare him away from the concept of attention for life. That isn't the only lasting effect in had on him, either. Pressure and high expectations are the easiest ways to make Teddy crumble. Being asked by grieving families in church to revive their dead relatives is a big ask of a nine year old, and his failure to do so only further contributed to his crippling fear of anything more challenging than a quick favour. He's always been a perfectionist, incredibly studious with a fascination with history in particular - the past is so static and unchanging, it's comforting to pick apart rather than focus on whatever the future could bring - and you're most likely to find him curled up in the library somewhere, nose buried in a History of Magic textbook.

Either that or in the greenhouse, using his powers to bring dying plants back to life. That's the extent to which he's comfortable delving into necromancy, at least for now; reviving humans is impossible and even if it were, the risks seem far too high. However, Teddy can't deny that he finds the whole subject fascinating. He has a philosopher's soul, the type who ponders on the big questions - the meaning of life being his favourite at the minute - and of course, a somewhat morbid interest in the concept of death itself. It's safe to say that he's pretty desensitised to the whole thing, and maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's a bad thing. He's not quite sure yet.

His empathy goes against everything a death nymph should be. That's a good thing. Teddy possesses the empathy of a spirit nymph, almost; talking to ghosts for hours about their lives and how they died is made easier by his powers but it would be just as doable if he were a normal wizard. A natural advice-giver and a comforting presence in general, helping ghosts (and people) find peace is what Teddy believes he was put on the earth to achieve. He's not here for some big protagonist adventure and he's perfectly content with that; if that was his destiny, he'd probably be a fire nymph or something far more explosive than what he is. Holding conversation with real people, however, is a bit of a hurdle. It's not that he can't talk to people, he's just so shy. Trying to converse often ends in a lot of stuttering and blushing, especially if it's a topic that he's passionate about and his brain goes faster than his mouth can keep up with. Don't worry, he'll get over it soon. Talking to ghosts is just so much easier.

Boggart a spotlight
Amortentia the sea air; burning candles; communion wine
Patronus grey owl
Interests ancient languages; botany; talking to ghosts
Pet Peeve unnecessary noise, people being rude to ghosts
Habits zoning out, muttering under his breath
MBTI infj
Star Sign pisces
Dreams/Goals find out who keeps sending him letters
Color black
Song pressing flowers
Show stranger things
Movie manchester by the sea
Book it
Food peaches
Drink tea

*he's full of random trivia about history, which he's mostly learned from the ghosts in the castle.
*he speaks latin and ancient greek, and is working on his middle english.
*he has a growing collection of trinkets, given to him by ghosts who have come to trust him.
*he loves animals so much, and owns two cats despite being mildly allergic to fur.
*his favourite subject is history of magic, closely followed by ghoul studies.
*he likes analysing quidditch matches to find the perfect formations and team combinations.
*the ending of game of thrones season 8 upset him so much that he rewrote the entirety of the season just to bring himself comfort.
*despite his many efforts, he's never managed to get the hang of chess.
*he texts in perfect sentences and grammar.
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