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Thomas Cromwell


1st Year Slytherin

01:46, September 11, 2013 (UTC)




  • List of Spells
  • Etemology
  • Uses
  1. Shield Charm - Protego: Incantation translates loosley to "I protect".  The shield charm's primary use is in dueling where it is able to ward minor to strong jinxes and hexes depening on the strength of the shield cast. Furthermore the shield charm is able to create a physical ward/barrior that can repell physical objects and people to an extent, which makes it useful when the caster wants to keep entities at a distance. 
  2. Wand Lighting Charm - Lumos: Incantation loosely translates literally to "light" with lumen in latin being the exact word. In terms of use the Wand Lighting Charm is particularly useful when travelling at night by providing a readily available source of light in darkness. Also the wand lighting charm can be used for late night reading and study.
  3. Levitation Charm - Wingardium Leviosa: Incantation translates to 'raise high' with Leviosa meaning raise and Wingardium essentially meaning high or steep. Firstly the Levitation charm could be used to raise heavy objects including obstacles in your way such as collapsed trees blocking a path though the spell strength would need to increase with the weigth of object. Also the levitation charm could be used indirectly for cleaning purposes, such as raising furniture to allow for actual cleaning spells under them.
  4. Disarming Charm - Expelliarmus: Translates to 'remove weapon'. Highly useful in duelling where it can completely disarm a wizard of his wand, essentially making them powerless. Furthermore to an extent the disarming spell could be used to force someone to drop whatever they are holding including any dangerous magical artifacts, should the need arise.
  5. Wand Extinguishing Charm - Nox: Translates to 'night'. Serves as the counter spell to the Wand Lighting Charm and hence is mainly useful when the user does not want to be seen travelling, and hence would need to extinguish their wand light. 
  6. Leg Locker Curse - Locomortor Mortis: Translates to 'motion end'. Can be used in dueling to restrict an opponents movement and ability to dodge. Also used for escapes to stop a target chasing after you.
  7. Verdimillious Charm - Verdimillious: Translates to "green million". Can be used when lost to alert other wizards to your presence by firing green sparks into the sky. Also for finding hidden objects, concealed by dark magic.
  8. Full Body Bind Curse - Petrificus Totalus: Translates to  "total petrification". Useful spell for duelling as it completely incapacitates an opponent. Potential use against hostile magical creatures to stop their approach.
  9. Fire Making Charm - Incendio: Translates almost literally to 'fire. Used for lighting fireplaces and also for combat if strength of spell is increased.
  10. Placement Charm - Useful for attaching notices and announcements on walls. Can also be used for placing artwork or a photo in desired locations. 


Scenario - Need to read yet too much noise in common room. 

Thomas Cromwell
Thomas Cromwell - Slytherin 1st year
Send Me an Owl! - 01:46, September 11, 2013 (UTC)
Thomas sat uncomfortably in the Slytherin common room, his eyes heavy from researching latin translations for spells from the text book in his lap. The whole cohort in the room was making a ruckus, resulting in Tom finding it impossible to concentrate. Carrying his book under one arm and his wand in the other he moved out of the common room into the lower hallways of Hogwarts till he found a suitable classroom that would be both abandoned and quiet. Placing his book on the desk he would mutter the spell "Lumos.", before continuing with his homework.