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Character's Name
[[Thomas Padmore|250px]]

Birth Date

March 23

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Eye Color




Blood Status



Gryffindor Alumni




Home Town

Padmore Home


Dana Padmore (wife) Melody Padmore (daughter) Hope Padmore (daughter) Jonathan Padmore (son) Boris Padmore (son) Benjamin Padmore (son) Clarissa Padmore (daughter)

Spell List[]

These spells come from the Spell List. You pick 10 first year spells, and then 7 each year afterward. Remeber to pick from the correct year, or lower.

1st Year Spells[]

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He is ambitious and kind. Thomas trys really hard to work hard and EARN what he has. He doesn't take charity well. It isn't because he's prideful or anything, he just doesn't like it when someone gives him something just because. Ok. Maybe he is a bit prideful. He is extremely proud of his children. He finds it hard to punish them when they do something that they know is wrong. He can be a bit of a workaholic due to the fact that he wants to be the one to provide for his family.


His character model is Hugh Jackman.


Thomas is married to the love of his life, Dana Padmore. They have six beautiful children and one on the way.


Thomas was born to two muggles. He grew up decently. Nothing bad really happened in his childhood. His mother and father loved him to the end of the earth and he loved them the same. When he was six years old, he wanted to have a toy that his parents put on the counter. He really wanted it. Next thing he knew, the toy was in his hand and several other objects was on the floor. His parents ran into the room, wondering what the commotion was, and stood aghast at the mess. At age eleven he got his letter to Hogwarts.

During his school years, he met the girl of his dreams. Dana Padmore. They were both in the same year. She was so kind-hearted he couldn't help but develop a crush on her since their first year. In his fourth year, he finally decided to tell her his feelings. He pulled her aside during their break, and confessed. He was so glad when he found out she returned his feelings. They started dating.

He was always ambitious. He wanted to be top in his class, get the highest marks in his exams as well. He succeeded partly. He wanted to make sure he did well in whatever he did.

A couple years later, he proposed to Dana. They had a wonderful wedding and honeymoon. Before he knew it, they were expecting their first child, Melody. It was a whirlwind of activity. It was like that for every child. He doesn't know how he survived six children and one on the way!