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This character has been requested to be preserved by Admiral CookiAsian.


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Tino Edelstien
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Vital Information
Age 16
Birthday ?, Scandinavia
Race Wizard
Blood Muggle-born
Physical Information
Gender Male
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Grey
Height 5'11"
Other Information
House Gryffindor
Year Sixth
Wand 12", Birch, Dragon Heartstring
Wand Arm Right
Family ?
Affiliation(s) Gryffindor
infobox by speck

Tino was born in a small town in Scandinavia. Growing up, he raised himself. Tino only depended on himself and trusted a few men around town. For as long as he has remembered, he has always been referred to as Tino Edelstien by the same men. But, he can never be so sure of his actual name for he has never met nor does he remember his parents. Almost all of his life was spent alone and cold, with only his intelligence an intuition to get through the next day. A stranger came into town one day looking for him. The stranger told him about this strange concept known as magic, and an even more peculiar place in which they promoted magic, Hogwarts. The stranger turned out to be a staff member from Hogwarts. Tino was reluctant at first, but this seemed like the best way to find out about his parents and his past. At Hogwarts, he never grew out of his independent persona. Students he has gone to school with for several years still don't know much about him.

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+ stoic, independent, clever
- untrustworthy, austere, reluctant
Tino never had a parental figure in his life and he took care of himself, causing him to be very independent on only his own skills. Unfortunately, this means he finds difficulty in finding trust in others and vice versa. Tino was clever enough to find ways of survival at a young age. Surely he endured pain and hardship but was determined to keep the feelings to himself. Since he is so used to living life according to his own rules, Tino is always reluctant when it comes to doing other things he never usually did. He is also quite mysterious and keeps a lot of information to himself because honestly, he knows himself just as much as others do- not that much. His way of life was never luxurious so he is never the kind of guy who looks approachable and friendly.


  • Tino's model is Adrian Lux.
  • He is roleplayed by Admiral.