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Expect heartbreak, angst, and depressing storylines.



Full Name: Titania Eris Galatea Aquila Nysa "Tegan" Watson
Born: 11 January
Age: 16
Status: Single/Alive
Gender: Female
Species: Witch
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: American
Accent: American
Blood Status: Muggleborn
Orientations: Demipansexual demipanromantic

Father: Uranus Watson
Mother: Inne Holmes-Watson
Siblings: Puck Watson (older brother)
Calliope Watson (younger sister)
Callista Watson (older sister)
Watson twins (younger siblings)
Other Relatives: N/A
Family Background: Her parents are aerospace engineers
Most Important Person Before: Tie between all her family members
Most Important Person Now: Tie between all her family members

School: Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (formerly)
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
House: Gryffindor
Best Core Class: N/A
Worst Core Class: N/A
Electives: N/A
Quidditch: Nope

Wand Wood: WIP
Wand Core: WIP
Wand Length: WIP
Pets: None
Animagus/Patronus: N/A / Eagle
Boggart: wip
Amortentia: Her house

Occupation: Student
Loyalty: Watson family, Gryffindor, Hogwarts
Organizations: N/A
Alignment: Chaotic good


Hair Colour: Brownish-blonde (natural)
Violet/Silver (dyed)
Hair Style: Wavy, often loose
Hair Length: Shoulder
Eye Colour: Blue
Ethnicity: American
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Voice: Soprano
Eye Sight: 20/20
Health Status: Healthy
Clothing Style: Comfortable
Most Notable Accessory: None :D
Distinguishing Marks: None!
Body Style: Average
Takes After Which Parent?: Equally from both parents
Posture: Straight


Titania is the faery queen of destruction, being able to royally f*** up any device she gets her hands on, much to the horror of Calli. In fact, there is an unwritten law in the mansion which forbids Tania from going anywhere near the engineering room or else chaos will erupt. Her destructiveness has become part of her everyday life and she has learnt how to usually manipulate it to her will. For example, accidentally destroying the expensive phones of Calli's "friends".

However, Tania's destructiveness does have a cause; her innate curiosity that knows no bounds. Extra emphasis on the 'knows no bounds' part. Can this phone survive by being thrown at the wall? Whoops, broken phone. Can this code really mess up the mansion's security system? Oh, it does. Sorry, mom and dad... :) Huh, wonder how this works... Whoops accidental systematic deconstruction of an invention. Keep her away from anything important.

Tania is a natural at creative insults, anything ranging from cranberry fricknut to illiterate vicks vaporub container. Her household didn't tolerate ableism, gendered slurs, transphobia, homophobia, etc. so she had to get creative with her insults. Heck, she even made an index of all the insults she'd came up with and was kind of tempted to post all of them on Tumblr.

As displayed by the incident years ago, Tania can be one mischievous gal with a dash of cruelty, especially when it comes to people who have no qualms faking friendships with her or her siblings just to get closer to their house and wealth. Heck, she even sent someone to the hospital once after they have shown their true colours.


Uranus Altair Phoenix Castor Galileo Watson and Inne Portia Ophelia Bianca Calypso Holmes were aerospace engineers that met in their second and first day (respectively) working for NASA. Shit happened, basically, and half a decade later, they were already married and expecting their child - wip. Said kid was welcomed to the world nine months later, follow by Puck Orion Pollux Caelum Pluto Watson about i/t later. The third kid was Titania Eris Galatea Aquila Nysa Watson, who was welcomed into the world a year later.

Titania was a mischievous spirit, causing havoc here, there, and everywhere. Everywhere she goes, at least one thing would end up broken, out of control, missing, or malfunctioned, thus earning her the ire of some of the housekeepers. But eventually, the tiny sounds of destruction became a regular part in the lives of the people in the house and part of the house's ambiance, so when the day passes without a single thing broken by Tania, that means there's seriously something wrong.

Ironically, her first sign of magic wasn't related to destroying something. In fact, she actually fixed something she accidentally destroyed, leading one of her siblings to comment that "Tania actually fixed something. The world is ending!". Her following magical outbursts are pretty destructive, however. Especially that time when her siblings pulled a prank on her. She managed to damage a whole wing of the mansion.

Tania was a pretty chill student at school, lowkey loving the attention that comes with being from a rich family. And then those tiny idiots from Calli's elementary grade just had to stick their peasant noses in their lives. Her distrust of other people started there when she saw Calli arrive home with a surprising number of kids. She'd never seen these kids before and Calli hasn't mentioned a playdate. Okay, maybe she might've mentioned it to her parents but still, Tania's big sis instincts were kicking in and for once, she tied down her destructive tendencies and took over the security room for the day, stalking the kids.

When those cranberry fricknuts stuck their noses into her parents' room, her sudden spike in emotion, more specifically spite and hatred, was enough to trigger a magical outburst which summoned her phone directly into her hand from halfway across the room and she immediately contacted her parents about what happened. She had gleefully waved at the inconsiderate mushrooms from the window of the front balcony and deliberately took the long route to her own school so she can drive past those sordid peanuts and sent them withering glares from the car window. (Bonus: She had nicked the cellphones of the kids the day before and had delivered the deconstructed pieces to their doorsteps.)

Their lives became more peaceful after that, not much happening except for the birth of the twins and the siblings' magical outbursts, which remained unexplained until the letters came. Tania became very excited for her own letter to come, practically flying down the stairs to get to the mailbox on her 11th birthday. Not a few months later, she was off to Ilvermorny. Years later, however, she was forced to transfer to Hogwarts because of them moving their home's location.


  • incompetent cook
  • puns
  • literally not bothered by anything horror
  • fixing things? FIXING THINGS
  • deadpan snarker
  • cheeky little sh**
  • always a very private person around strangers
  • lowkey overprotective of her siblings
Titania Watson 💫 seventh year gryffindor 💫 destructive queen of the stellar faeries
Shoot me an owl!  💫


Titania Eris Galatea Aquila Nysa "Tegan" Watson is the Muggleborn third child of Uranus and Inne Watson, aerospace engineers. Living in a real-life Stark mansion, Titania is lowkey distrustful of anyone due to an incident in her sister Calliope's childhood. She is capable of destroying everything she could get her hands on and is forbidden from entering her mansion's engineering room. Also, wait until she starts insulting people. Her insults are hella creative.

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