Tobias Oh
A little Broken
Ravenclaw Fourth Year
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Personal Information
Full Name: Oh "Tobias" Hyun Bin
Born: December 1st, 2019
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Nationality: Korean, British, Irish
Ethnicity: Korean, Japanese
Sexual Orientation:
Romantic Orientation:
Relationship Status:
Accent: Neutral
Birthplace: London, England
Native Language: English
Languages Spoken: English, Irish Gaelic, Korean
Magical Information
Blood Status: Mixed Blood
Wand Wood:
Wand Core:
Wand Length:
Wand Arm: Right
Patronus: none
Boggart: none
Exotic?: no

Tobias is a smart kid, and most people can agree he’s clever. While it’s his first year in a traditional schooling setting, he’s already achieved quite a lot. He’s incredibly inquisitive, and while perceived to be quiet, he can actually be quite talkative. While having no ill will against anyone, he outwardly will say his opinion on non traditional wizards are they are scum who have no place in society, a mantra repeated to him since he was a toddler. He doesn’t care about money, loyalty, fame, friends, or family. Tobias doesn’t care for much at all.

He has an unusual lack of empathy or sympathy,which causes him to interact with the world with no emotion. His hatred filled upbringing and violent training to kill have caused him turn his curiosities down a dark and unforgiving path. The only thing holding him back from more damage is the knowledge that something is wrong with him, and there is a certain way he should conduct himself. Tobias smiles to ease people, even if he doesn’t mean it. He laughs to disarm them, something he’s had to practice in order for others not to perceive it as artificial. He knows society dictates there are rights and wrongs, and will repeat the rights and wrongs as if he truly believes them.

In the past he could never fool anyone into thinking him caring, but he’s become an actor as well as a liar. Faintly, he’s uncomfortable with the idea that he will never live his life normally, and is faintly concerned that he might just not care. Tobias is pleasant to most, although might spout foul drilled in words if you’re not part of his parents ideal wizarding world. He tells himself he is a man of justice, and his new goal and purpose in life is to serve out justice, because there is nothing else he can see as productive to do. At least this way, he may gain favor back with the people he knows he should care about, but does not.


Tobias is anything but ordinary. He came to life in a seemingly typical wizarding family. A working dad, loving mom, and a few siblings. Behind closed doors however, his dad was an abusive drunk who was around mainly on weekends, and didn’t even sleep in the house itself. Not that his wife or children knew they were his second family. Tobias felt his father’s wrath at an early age, culminating to a tipping point when he was three. The boy had been whining, and in anger, his father struck him across the head with a glass bottle. While not magical, the wounds were deep. St.Mungo’s was able to repair the exterior,but interior, with the intense blow, his brain had been affected. They didn’t know at the time, but the abuse would affect him for the rest of his life.

Loath to get in trouble with the law, Tobias’ father abandoned him to his fate. Being a small cute baby with a sob story, he was adopted quickly. His next family had issues as well. They were a lovely lesbian couple in politics, with increasingly radical views on blood and creatures. After two years, they parted ways with the government and wizarding world itself, retracting deep into an underground life. Soon, they began making connections with radical groups that eventually came to be known as the Arcana Alliance. Growing up, Tobias was encouraged into training physically and holding the prejudice views of his mothers.

Their problem? Tobias never cared. They wanted him to hate, but he thought it absurd. What was hate even? It became even more increasingly obvious, he just didn’t find anything of interest, including his mothers. One never gave up on him, but the other turned kept her distant, knowing he was strange.

Tobias had his first magical sign at six. He was in a playground with the mother that loved him, absently riding a swing. He got bored, deciding to watch another little boy take his turn on the swing. He wondered what would happen if the boy flew, and willed the swing to snap while the boy was in the air. The boy came down hard, breaking bones all over his body. A normal person might have felt horrified, but Tobias simply felt empty. Even his mother was shocked and disgusted. This is about the time he realized something was wrong with him.

When he was about ten, Tobias began his hunting excursions with his mom, out to learn how to kill werewolves, vampires, and other unnatural beings. At first it was with just his mom, but later he was put in a group of the undercover radical members’ kids. While everyone agreed he was good at what he did, no one seemed to stick with him as a friend, and he sought no friends either.

Other incidents with him occurred, but nothing that really changed his life. At 13, however, his life took another turn. His mother had taken him on an excursion to hunt a pack of werewolves with a few people. They ended up being ambushed, and his mother was bitten. She asked for his assistance, wanting to be healed before dying. Tobias misunderstood, thinking she’d want to be purified. Instead, he grabbed a one of her knives and slit her throat. He was honest with his remaining mother, which broke their relationship forever.

They moved back to London for a fresh start, and he hardly ever saw his mother. Tobias enrolled into hogwarts, spending half a year away from his mother. During the christmas break, the logical conclusion he came to was that their relationship could be mended if she could be proud of him. Over the summer, the alliance had staged attacks all over the UK on the outliers of wizard society. While they had recently died down, Tobias figured he could still do his part by killing a dangerous creature. With his training, he tracked down someone who seemed to fit the perfect descriptors of a vampire. Masked and with his dead mother’s wand, he cornered the being in his apartment complex. A young man and young lady got in the way, but the shot was too good to let go. He cast a killing spell, aimed at the girl who was blocking the way. The young man saw the movement and managed to get in the way before she died. Mission compromised, Tobias fleed, nearly dying from a killing curse cast at him from the girl.

One of his contacts apparated him out of the danger zone. Apparently, he had killed a wizard, although a mudblood at that. This only estranged him further from his mother. Neither the alliance or she needed him as a liability, and he became homeless from that point on.

Model: Choi Bomin (Golden Child)
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Height: 5'6ft
Weight: 100lb
Voice Type: Baritone
Blood Type: O
Distinguishing Marks: probably scars here and there
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Father: Tokugawa Kazuya
Mother: Kim Soo Young
Full Siblings: some he doesn't know
Half Siblings: Serena Tokugawa
Guardian(s): Hailey Oh and Oh Ae Jung
Spouse: nah
Children: nah
Other Relatives:

Name Meaning:
Nicknames: Tobi, Toby
Favourite Colour: red
Favourite Movie: none
Favourite Song: none
Favourite Food: none
Favourite Drink: none
First Kiss: girl he hunted with
First Crush: none
First Love: none
First Time: none
Most Important People: none
Most Treasured Possessions: none
Custom Trivia:

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