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Trinity Mercutio
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I don't want to be alone, I want to be left alone.

–Audrey Hepburn

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Quick info[]

Trinity Amber Mercutio
Trini Merc TB2




Silver Mercutio †
Peirce Kessler Scofield
Charity Silver Mercutio †
Twin Sister


October 13th, 2000


Ebony, Thestral hair

Wand Arm



Charity and her murderer


Trinity patronus chameleon

Blood Status



Early life[]

My mother Silver, named for her striking silver eyes, was a gifted witch when she met Peirce a wizard born muggle. He had fallen deeply in love with her, and married her before he actually knew she was a witch. When he found out, he didn't care at all. He still loved her, probably more knowing her secret. They were living in Ballycastle, very happily when their twin girls were born.

My sister Charity, and I are originally from Ireland, we as a family moved to England when we were around 4 years old due to my mother's employment. She was wanted in the wizarding community for her expertise as a wandmaker. Here, my mother ended up getting sick, and passed away when Charity and I were nearly ten. From then on, everything changed. Pierce started drinking, and stopped working, leaving me to try, and provide for myself, and for Charity.

Around the time of our 11th birthday, about a year later. Charity, and I started to notice that we could do things others couldn't. Peirce noticed this too eventually, and forbid us from doing anything like it ever again. I have never listened to anything he tells me to. I still practiced in secret, not knowing of my mother's ability, and why Peirce was so set against it. One horrible night, a group of Muggles stormed our small town, looking for anybody with magical talent.

They found the us, Charity and I practicing magic. They killed her, they killed Charity right in front of me. I would have been murdered as well if I had not been able to protect myself somehow, and run for my life. Seeing this strange, terrifying man drag his blade across Charity's throat, I screamed, enraged. The man flew backwards hitting the wall behind him. I stared. Confused. Tears falling from my eyes before I could manage to scurry away as the man got back to his feet.

Peirce, of course, was spared due to the fact that he was a drunk. He was unconscious, and not magical at all which most people knew. From that day on Peirce blamed me for Charity's death. He treated me like a murderer, like I killed her myself. This is why I am so distant. I ended up getting my Hogwarts letter rather late because of how Peirce hid them from me. When the last letter arrived, personally delivered by a Hogwarts staff member; a woman, to a slightly belligerent Mister Scofield, I couldn't have been any happier.

I didn't have much, I had my mother's wand, and Charity's doll, an old picture of my parents, the one family photo they were able to take. I packed it all into a bag not sure what it was I would need. As the woman from Hogwarts told Peirce all about the school, I listened in. He continued to drink, even making passes at the woman. He eventually passed out completely inebriated. The woman from Hogwarts instructed me to leave him a note.

"I might come back. - Trinity" ~ Note left for Peirce after Trinity left for Hogwarts.

Hogwarts life[]

After seven years of these little "I might come back." notes left for him. Peirce started to ignore them. He was inexplicably blissful when I was absent from his life, my going to away became something he looked forward to. For Peirce, a weight had been lifted from his shoulders, he had always wished that I had been killed that night, and not his beloved Charity. He wished that more than he longed for one more day with my mother, and I knew this. He has always said these terrible things when he was inebriated, not that he needs to anymore.

Since graduation I have been in my childhood home with her father Peirce, temporarily. There are two things that could happen. I will go berserk, and kill him. He is a Squib pretending to be muggle. He won't be missed. Or, I will find employment, and go back to the way things were during Hogwarts. I have an issue with authority. I do what I like, when I like. My future at present, is pretty bleak. Someone once said something about doors, and windows? ...

Family Members[]

Silver Mercutio † (Mother)

Peirce Kessler Scofield (Father)

Charity Silver Mercutio † (Twin Sister)


I have full lips, and a thin nose that points ever so slightly. I have my mother's blonde hair, and silver-blue eyes. I was born with sectoral heterochromia, my right eye has a small segment of Hazel on the lower right side of my iris. My mother always said it was the only indication, if any, that I am my father's daughter. This was always how they were able difference between me and Charity. It is also why we received our middle names Silver, and Amber.


It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone with eyes, by looking at me one could tell I am a bit of a tortured soul. I tend to be quiet around most people, extremely passive-aggressive towards people I do not know or like very much. I am quick to judge, be it good or bad, and I am often very easily annoyed. If my beliefs are being challenged or someone I cares for, whoever that maybe, is in trouble I will break my silence, and in certain situations it won't be anything anyone wanted to happen, ever.

Most people don't bother to try to get to know me due to the very good chance I am not interested in socializing. This behaviour is just a cover up for the fact that I am a little shy, and perhaps a bit lonely. The only time that I am truly vulnerable is when I sing. I will sing anything that fits my mood at that time, and my low alto voice can be heard a far distance. Charity, and I used to sing together, sometimes I think I can still hear her.

Magical abilities and skills[]

Spell List[]



Kessler Cottage

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