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Full Name: Tristan Eliades
Country of Origin: Greece
Birthday: June 21
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Species: Wizard
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status:Single

School: ?, Hogwarts
Country of Location: Greece, Scotland
House: Slytherin
Current Year: Seventh
Year Joined: Seventh

Blood Status: Muggleborn
Wand Wood: Cedar
Wand Core: Dragonheartstring
Length: 10'
Patronus: Wolf
Boggart: Having to choose between friends and family
Amortentia: Broom handle, Freshly mowed lawn and an unidentifiable smell that intrigues her


First Name Meaning: Old French form of the Pictish name Drustan, a diminutive of DRUST. The spelling was altered by association with Latin tristis "sad". In Celtic legend Tristan was sent to Ireland in order to fetch Isolde, who was to be the bride of King Mark of Cornwall. Instead, Tristan and Isolde end up falling in love. Their tragic story was very popular in the Middle Ages, and the name has occasionally been used since that time.
Middle Name Meaning: N/A
Surname Meaning: patronymic from the Biblical name Elias. The -ides patronymic is classical, and was revived in particular by Greeks from the Black Sea during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Food:Food? Duh.
Song:Smile by Uncle Kracker
Possession:A small locket
Person: ...
Book: His sister's journal
Show/Movie: ...

Food: None
Song: Don't even get him started. (Never Say Never /headdesk)
Possession: A Leather-Bound Journal of His Sister's
Person: ...
Book: His sister's journal
Show/Movie: ...

Inspired by: William Herondale (slightly) and Percy Jackson (slightly)
Where to Find Them:Black Lake
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Mother: Eros Eliades (name is a sore subject)
Father: Alex "Ace" Eliades
Full Siblings: Aleksandrya (dead)
Half Siblings: None
Relatives: None


Tristan is a closed off person. He doesn't want people to get close to him yet he craves it. He's an impulsive liar and he doesn't exactly like trusting people though it's very easy for him. He cares deeply and is annoyingly perky at heart. You'll see it if he ever let's you. He can be extremely sarcastic at times. He's mischievous at best and a nuisance at worst. His loyalty is a major thing. If you mess with any of his few friends you will have made an enemy.

Alex Eliades was just your average airport pilot. Flying from place to place was his stress reliever. He was perfectly happy. That was, before he met Eros. She was a college student who was hoping to study some of the Greek architecture. He caught a glimpse of her as she was boarding (he was getting some food). He was curious in all honesty. Who was this girl who carried herself with confidence? And why did he yearn to know more about her?

As luck would have it, they officially met at a small cafe. Alex was on vacation and Eros was drinking coffee. They bumped into each other. Literally. Coffee flew everywhere. Of course, Alex told her it was alright. There was no need to worry about it. It was just a shirt. But Eros didn't believe him and went ahead and dragged him around Athens until she found a cheesy tourist shirt.

They saw each other frequently and became friends. Which (of course) turned into something more while turned to being husband and wife. Then they became the parents of a boy and girl. They were twins.

So obviously their names had to be Aleksandrya and Tristan.

These two troublemakers were close. They did everything together. They even had their first sign of magic together (blowing up an heirloom vase Tristan if you couldn't tell). They went to the same magic school in Greece. That was...until their sixth year.

Aleksandrya was found dead in the bathroom, an empty pill bottle was still clenched in her right hand. Tristan was the one who found her. Tristan was the one who called the emergency hotline. Tristan was the one who kept her favorite locket and her beat up journal. His parents never were the same...and neither was he.

Alex and Eros decided that a change of scenery would help. After all, they could only see their darling Alek in every window. So they moved to England.

And thus begins the story, of a young man in search of answers. A young man looking for a new beginning.


Model Name: Colin Ford
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'7
Weight: 142 lb


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