The Blogger
Name: Tshepo Victoria Seeiso
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Birthday: May 17th
Ethnicity: Basotho
Nationality: Basotho
Location: london
Status: Single; Alive
Sexuality: Bicurious

The Scholar
Year/Occupation: unemployed
Schooling: Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy
House: Hufflepuff

The Warlock
Species: Witch
Family Blood: Pureblood
Wand Core: Unicorn Hair
Wand Wood: Rosewood
Wand Arm: Right
Boggart: Fire
Patronus: Phoenix

The Model
Model: Yara Shahidi
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5"6
Distinguishing Marks: None
Disorders: None
Mental State: Stable

The Gallery
Contrary to belief, Tshepo is a pretty chill person overall. Although she might appear more outspoken than the rest of her siblings, she says more in public than she does behind the doors. A cool and confident figure, it's in her nature to remain as calm as possible, even in the most drastic situations and little fazes her. Having grown up among the fame and hap-hazardous paparazzi, she's quite skilled at keeping a level head and is anything but scandalous. She is not easily provoked and while words do get to her and sting deep, her reaction is always calm and collected, her responses sharp and lethal below the surface.

Tshepo is a very skilled and intelligent individual who is very meticulous about things. She's a very organized person who runs by a strict schedule and rarely makes exceptions unless of emergencies. Un-impulsive, she thinks things through before doing anything and acts on gathered information. She's not one to take risks unless in dire circumstances and even then remains very precise with her actions. One might call her calculated, but it's not with bad intent. She has a great dislike of being surprised, whether good or bad and would rather be able to predict a coming event than be surprised by it.

When it comes to family and other loved ones, Tshepo is very protective. Her base rule is, "Touch them, you die." When it comes to her loved ones, she may ditch her calculated manner for a more impulsive one fueled by rage depending on the situation. Without a doubt, she'd be there in a heartbeat for them, in their grief, in their happiness, she loves being able to help and support the people she loves, and would rather see their happiness over hers, even if it interrupts or pretty much ruins her meticulous life plans.

Motlalentwa met Lineo in Uagadou. At that time, he was just a foolish prince, stumbling along in his pathway to become the next king of Lesotho. Lineo was a fierce woman in policy, and all around a diplomat, and not only was she a perfect Queen Consort, she was a perfect wife. They married some few months after Motlalentwa's inauguration and lived peacefully together for four years before producing children, which were to be the next royal line. Motlalentwa's younger brother and sister moved to the United Kingdom and America respectfully sometime after the first child was born and began their own line of Seeisos.

Tshepo Victoria Seeiso (named after Motlalentwa's grandmother and the current magical ruling Queen of England) was born after her elder brother, Davu Seeiso, on the seventeenth of May. She was a quiet baby, calmed almost immediately after coming out of the womb. This behavior reflected in the rest of her life. Growing up, she was always a calm, quiet, and respectful child. She was somewhat considered the favorite for being the most cooperative out of the ten kids. She was always focused in her studies and could formulate a plan for problems like getting a toy out of a tree.

She had a simple charismatic confident air that floated around her and attracted her more friends when she began attending Uagadou. As she was already royalty, she was recognized easily throughout the school as a highly respected figure, but the student body knew her better as an intelligent and kind young woman who wasn't afraid to step down from her royal pedestal to mingle with "commoners". This personally made her a favorite among many not just in school, but in Lesotho. Eventually, she began thinking about going after the crown and kept it a possibility to show up in her destiny.

Her magical brilliance shined through at the early age of seven, where she managed to summon a toy she had thought she lost after immense sulking and wishing. Once she realized (or rather was informed) what she had preformed was a work of magic, she intensely studied, intent on becoming a better witch.

Tshepo tended to hang out more with her friends and her mother, rather than her father. As result, she began to retain more of her mother's traits than her father's, and had little to no fascination with muggle technology, just thinking of it as another everyday thing. She rather began embracing the opportunity of being the public eye and used it as a head start to the crown, getting talk started that'd she'd be a good future leader. Everything was going well until she was surprised with the move to England. Having nothing to counter this, Tshepo was suddenly thrown out of an enviornment she'd grown so used to, to a completely new one that she'd only read about in the library and visited every so once and awhile.

To say the least, Tshepo wasn't happy about the abrupt change, but aimed to make the most of it. Since the Seeiso name wasn't known too well in the UK, she wanted to change that by leaving a mark in the UK before she moved back to Lesotho after graduating. She re-evaluated her plan and changed things accordingly, and once gathered another crowd of friends. While she still felt out of her element, everything felt just a little better now.

Meaning Behind Name:
Tshepo - Hope
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Favorite Food: Noodles
  • Favorite Movie: Ready Player One
Mother: Lineo Seeiso
Father: Motlalentwa Seeiso
Full Siblings: Naledi, Tebatso, Davu, Lindelani, Adanya
Half Siblings: N/A
Other: N/A

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