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Uno Zerga
(Roleplayed by Kira)

Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.

–Hugh Mackay

Uno Zerga – Former Gryffindor
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Il primo passo, the first step to getting what you want, dalla vita è questo, out of life is this: Decidere che cosa desiderate, Decide what you want.

Ciao amico, I am Uno.

Quick info[]

Uno Giovanni Renaldo Zerga
Beanie uno






July 23rd, 2000


Spruce, Dragon Heartstring

Wand Arm



His father


Island Gray Fox

Blood Status



Early life[]

Ciao amico, I am Uno. The first born son of Adorabella Xicato and Venazio Zerga. I was born July 23rd, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, in the Gulf of Lion, somewhere along the border of France and Spain. The family; twins Pearlita and Gemma, Ermione, and Caprice had been enjoying an escursione in barca. Because I am the first boy I was given much more attention from my father babbo than any of my four sisters. Leading me to have a better relationship with his father at the time, and a worse relationship with my sisters. The first few years of life were average. My sisters did not despise me just yet.

Much more skilled in magic then any of my sisters were, I let his parents know I was a magical child. At age 3, I accidentally transfigured my sisters crayons into rocks. While visiting family on dry land, I charmed a colony of ants to attack although this was a misuse of magic it was also accidental as I was very young.

As I grew older the control I had of my magic began to surpass my sisters they became increasingly jealous. When babbo decided his time was better spent with me. My sisters never forgave him for that. It was obvious to me that my sisters were upset, and they did little to hide it. Caprice, and Ermione were the worst, they were learning more advanced magic, and constantly used me for practice.

When babbo and mamma caught them dueling with me, mamma was shocked, and prepared to instantly stop us. Babbo prevented it, pointing out that I was winning. Learning enough defensive magic from babbo, I was able to protect himself from both of my sisters. They were not as good at the magic they were trying to use as I was. That made it easy for me to overpower them.

From then on babbo started him on an even more rigorous training. He also returned to teaching Ermione, and Caprice as they were now allowed to duel with him as long as it was for 'training' purposes. Two months after my eighth birthday, my little brother Romolo was born. I was very happy, at first. I had a tag team partner now.

There was one problem, with a second son around babbo was determined to dedicate just as much if not more of the same time, and effort he spent teaching me and my sisters to teaching Romolo any magic he could learn. At first we all believed babbo only wanted Romolo to be able to protect himself. Now, after all these years we can see him, we can see that he is power hungry. This turned all three of us, Caprice, Ermione, and myself against babbo.

My older sisters married and left, they each started families of their own; Abondia and Yerardi. Pearlita, and Gemma determined to please babbo at all cost lived up to his magical expectations. They learned to perform any, and every spell he showed them. They began helping to 'train' Romolo as Ermione, and Caprice had done with me. Disgusted by babbo's treatment of Romolo, I took it upon myself to make sure my younger brother had someone to help him as long as I was around. Teaching Romolo everything babbo had once taught me, he learned quickly from me. Romolo needed the patience that babbo never had.

The unfair duels once had between Caprice Ermoine, and myself were reversed. Pearlita and Gemma were more adept than Romolo, he was still so new to magic. I had exactly what I always wanted back on our boat. Someone to fight side by side with instead of against. When possible I would always come to Romolo's rescue. Eventually it did not end up being babbo who taught Romolo about magic, how it worked for him. With the right combination of patience, and encouragement he was able to learn a few ways to protect himself. After I graduated from Hogwarts, and essentially left the family, I took Romolo with me. We share a cramped apartment in Diagon Alley.

Family Members[]

Venazio (Padre)

Bella (Madre)

Gemma (Sorella)

Pearlita (Sorella)

Romolo (Fratello)

Matteo (Cognato)

Caprice (Sorella)

Anselmo (Nipote)

Fedele (Cognato)

Ermione (Sorella)

Faustina (Nipote)

Edourdos (Nipote)

Pasquale (Zio)

Vedette (Zia)

Felicitas (Cugina)

Antonius (Zio)

Salvatrix (Zia)

Carina (Cugina)



Enthusiastic, energetic, and optimistic. I am what people call a lover of life. I love to be outside in nature, rain or snow. I am almost never in a bad mood and when I am I try to hide it. If I am to influence anyone I want it to be in the best way possible. I hate for people to feel sorry for or pity me. Being a Gryffindor I do have a penchant for walking directly into danger. I am also superficial, I am conceited and self-involved. I prefer to do things for my own benefit first but will also help if you need me. Despite those few faults I am actually a really nice guy. I care deeply for those who mean something to me and I will sacrifice myself before seeing harm come to those people.

Spell List[]


Name Etymology[]

My father chose my first name Uno meaning one or first born, because I am his first son.
My mother chose Giovanni as my first middle name which means God's precious gift, in honor of her father.
My second middle name which is also my paternal grandfather's name is Renaldo meaning strong decision; fox.
The paternal last name Zerga has no meaning.



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This character has graduated Hogwarts and has journeyed on into the World of Wizarding. You may see them around, but they are no longer a student in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

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