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Moonwalk - ZARA

Zara Jung
FC: Hong Yeeun (Jvcki Wai)
14; Foruth Year
Single; Sexuality Unknown
October 5th; Libra

Moonwalk - ELLIOT

Elliot Young
FC: Won Kunhang (Hendery of WayV)
15; Fifth Year
Dibbed; Sexuality Unknown
January 31st; Aqaurius

Moonwalk - BEXLEY

Bexley Seo
FC: Kim Hyungseo (BIBI)
15; Fifth Year
Single; Sexuality Unknown
January 14th; Capricorn

Moonwalk - ROSEWELL

Rosewell Lim
FC: Han Jisung (Han of Stray Kids)
15; Fifth Year
Single; Pansexual, Polyamorous
October 8th; Libra

Moonwalk - SEONHYEON

Yi Seonhyeon
FC: Min Yoongi (Suga of BTS)
17; Sixth Year
Dibbed; Unknown
September 29th; Libra

Moonwalk - ADELAIDE

Adelaide Seo
FC: Oh Sehun (EXO)
17; Seventh Year
Dibbed; Homosexual
August 15th; Leo

Moonwalk - CASSIAN

Cassian Yoo
FC: Bae Jinyoung (Baejin - CIX)
17; Seventh Year
Single; Closeted Homosexual
June 13th; Capricorn

Moonwalk - SAMMY

Sammy Cho
FC: Johnny Suh (NCT)
17; Seventh Year
Single; Pansexual
April 27th; Taurus

Moonwalk - BYUNGCHA

Ahn Byungcha
FC: Jinny Park (Secret Number)
17; Seventh Year
Single; Pansexual
February 14th; Aquarius

Moonwalk - CHANYEO

Yeo Chanyeo
FC: Shin Kyuhyun (Laon - ENOi)
17; Silencio Trainee
Dibbed; Unknown
June 26th; Cancer

Moonwalk - ACACIUS

Acacius Jeon
FC: Heo Hyungjoon
17; Unemployed
Dibbed; Pansexual
June 26th; Cancer

Moonwalk - RIOT

Riot Zhang
FC: Zhong Chenle (NCT)
18; Unemployed
November 7th; Scorpio

Moonwalk - AISHA

Aisha Choi
FC: Lee Daehwi (AB6ix)
18; Alohomora Trainee
Dibbed; Bisexual
September 2nd; Virgo

Moonwalk - AURELE

Aurele Eun
FC: Hwang Hyunjin (Stray Kids)
19; "Entrepreneur"
Single; Bisexual
November 10th; Scorpio

Moonwalk - REUBEN

Reuben Oh
FC: Kang Yeosang (ATEEZ)
19; Trainee
Dibbed; Pansexual
June 11th; Gemini

Moonwalk - GWENNYTH

Gwennyth Kim
FC: Juhaknyeon (the Boyz)
19; Freelance Choreographer
Dibbed; (Unaware) Homosexual
June 9th; Gemini

Moonwalk - AERIN

Aerin Myung
FC: Son Seungwan (Wendy - Red Velvet)
18; Journalist
Dibbed; Homosexual
January 8th; Capricorn

Moonwalk - CASTIEL

Castiel Pyeong
FC: Choi San (ATEEZ)
18; Unemployed
Single; Pansexual

Moonwalk - YUNI

Yuni Jones
FC: Keke Palmer
19; Stylist
Single; Heterosexual
November 19th; Scorpio

Moonwalk - EZRA

Ezra Lee
FC: Yoon Jeonghan (Seventeen)
20; Journalist
Dibbed; Pansexual
July 16th; Cancer

Moonwalk - KHAI

Malakhai Choi
FC: Choi San (ATEEZ)
20; Artist
Dibbed; Pansexual
May 21st; Taurus

Moonwalk - CASPIAN

Caspian Choi
FC: Park Jaehyung (Jae - Day6)
21; Artist
Dibbed; Pansexual
April 9th; Aries

Moonwalk - LEVI

Levi Chen
FC: Cai Xukun
23; Artist
Dibbed; Pansexual
February 21st; Aqaurius

Moonwalk - ATTICUS

Atticus Lee
FC: Kang Younghyun (Young K - Day6)
26; Oodle Noodle Manager
Dibbed; Pansexual
April 6th; Aries

And we gonna take over the moon
(5, 4, 3, 2, 1) Moonwalk

inspired by wayv's moonwalk.
hi, my name is aera. i now give you all stalking permissions. pls no touchie though, ty. it's hard enough keeping everything organized as it is.

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