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You can call me Fae


I am not the biggest Potter fan in the world but I am quite a nerd, and a believer in the mystical magical arts. I know that I am not a real witch and can not apparate, or even have the opportunity for a wand to choose me.

Am I supposed to let that stop me from loving the idea?

My Characters

Griffin Jones2.jpg

Griffin Jones
Griffin is a Hufflepuff, and an aspiring Herbologist. He is the only member of his wizarding family to have been placed in a house that was not Ravenclaw, or Gryffindor much to his parents disappointment.


Mark Bagman
Mark is a Hufflepuff and while he is soft spoken he is also rather distant, and saying that is an understatement. He identifies with the other students in Hufflepuff well, but he refuses to admit it is his true house.

Zara Williams.jpg

Zara Williams
Zara is a Slytherin and a little bit troubled, to say the least. She is a Muggle-born witch with a talent for healing and non-verbal magic. She should never be mistaken for being withdrawn or even faint-hearted.


Luca Braunne
Luca is a Professional Quidditch Player. He was orphaned as an infant, and adopted in his early childhood. He left behind a little sister only to reconnect with her as adults, and build their familial relationship off her ill-gotten/his legitimate fame.


Nyxie Seawood
Orphaned as a newborn she is generally the dark, brooding, and rather poetic. She has very deep, and undying love her animals. She uses her knowledge to pursue her passion, working with literal Beasts.

Teal Seawood

Teal Seawood
Orphaned as a newborn she is an elegant, ladylike, soft spoken mama wolf. Teal is mother her son CJ (Conrad Justin) the only child of the love of her life Benjamin Flaherty.


Rex Shaw
In a very long line of Pure-Bloods Rex had become nothing more than another burn mark on the family tree. He's the father to a young daughter trying to re-build his relationship with his fiancée.


Kristian Homme
Another redheaded child born to a large family of nine. He was still a young boy when he learned he was not a normal human being, he was somehow different from his siblings.


Miranda Fairchild
She is beautiful in her own way, and she works very hard to give off the first impression of being one who is above all things - an innocent, trustworthy and approachable woman.


Nym Viper
Nym is a Martial Artist trained in more than one style of self-defense, she can be very aggressive but prefers to exert her healing touch. She has extensive training as a Traditional Chinese Healer.


Romy Seawood
Orphaned as a newborn she was the most rebellious, and a threat to everyday life in the wizarding world. She is believed to be dead. A body resembling hers was found, and identified in Amsterdam.


Lucian Willow
Surprisingly opinionated, and outspoken. Unlike most, he is direct rarely wasting breath with expressions or similes. With family and friends he's friendly and funny.


Ryelle Willow
Ryelle is a Professor of Mythology and a Beauxbâtons alumna. She has a little bit of a temper, and much more cunning in her tiny finger than the average witch.


Orianne Edmond
Her choice of strong silence could be considered humble only because she dislikes you, and is under the impression you have already judged her.

Ralla Wilson.jpg

Ralla Wilson
Ralla is a Professional Quidditch Player. She was once one-half of a fearsome Beater duo for the Warriors in Australia. She was bought off by the Toyohasi Tengu, and lived in Japan playing Chaser a few years.

Brayden Ross1.jpg

Bray Ross
He was born into a quidditch family. There was no way Brayden was going to grow up, and not play. Since he was a little boy it had been his dream to play for the Thundelarra Thunderers.

Words to live by

“The most beautiful thing we can experience in life is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: for his eyes are closed.”
Albert Einstein

“Human beings who are almost unique (among animals) in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, yet are also remarkable in their apparent disinclination to do so.”
Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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