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Scarlett witch
Hello. I'm Hecate Grimm.
Bear with me, mistakes happen.

You may call me Hecate, Grimm, Scarlet, Delphini, Trubel, or if you want, call me Dr. Mrs. Delphi von Doom.

I found this wiki by accident while doing that thing some people do on the internet. I was looking at something (I can't remember what, probably a picture of a cat I'm cuckoo for Calico cats), which lead me to something else, which lead me to something else, which lead me to something else ... and you can probably guess where this is going.

Want to know something random?
The brain continues sending electrical wave signals for 37 hours after death.

Some stuff you might want to know about me:

The best time to catch me ontheline is (Eastern time) after 5am and before 11pm.
I am forgetful. If I am in an RP with you and it is my turn to post PLEASE let me know.
Sometimes when my RP partner has nothing to post, for days, I abstain from the RP by archiving everything. #Sorry, I ain't sorry
I have this weird thing about naming the various extended family members and friends of my characters.
Lyric free music is my favorite above all other kinds! I adore this song and this song You are welcome.
I am obsessed with parapsychology (paranormal and psychic phenomena).


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My Characters


(Active | Major Character) Model — Yara Shahidi

Taisiya Krupa
Taisiya Krupa
Bloodline Half-Blood
Affiliation Krupa Family, Hogwarts; Ravenclaw
Relationship Status Single Too young to date
Wand Pear Phoenix Feather
House Ravenclaw
(Class of 2040)
Taisiya Krupa - Ravenclaw
Send Me an Owl! - “In the end there is only light and dark. And the two are not so far apart.”
“Our outer face can hide several other faces that we have inside.”

What you might not know

Ravenclaw Crest
She has a fondness for circus performers and exotic animals. Her parents worked a lot when she was younger and when they had time together they often took her to carnivals, fairs or the circus.
She is obsessed with nature, the four elements she is aware of (Fire, Earth, Air and Water). She is likely to be found surrounding herself by one or the other when she is stressed and when she is relaxed.

(Active | Major Character) Model — Ty Simpkins

Aymeric Siyana2
Aymeric Siyana
Bloodline Half-Breed/Half Nymph
Affiliation Siyana Family, Hogwarts; Gryffindor, Nymphs
Relationship Status Single Too young to date
Wand Pine Unicorn Hair
House Gryffindor
(Class of 2039)
Boggart Being consumed by darkness
Patronus Lightening Bug
Aymeric Siyana - Gryffindor
Send Me an Owl! - “May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”
“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”

What you might not know

Gryffindor Crest
He is aware of his elemental affiliation with light, it was something he felt for a long time. He does not fully believe it to be true, he does like to play around with the idea.
He is having an intense love affair with the Sun. At one point he even believed that the sun used to shine just for him. Even went so far as to think it was mad at him when it set.

(Active | Major Character) Model — Max Burkholder

Kyle Alton3
Kyle Alton
Bloodline Half-Blood
Affiliation Alton Family, O'Reilly Family, Hogwarts; Slytherin, Blake Lich
Relationship Status Single Too young to date
Wand Blackthorn Dragon Heartstring
House Slytherin
(Class of 2038)
Boggart Brain death
Patronus Penguin
Kyle Alton - Slytherin
Send Me an Owl! - “Death ends a life, not a relationship.”
“I'm the one that's got to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.”

What you might not know

Slytherin Crest
He feels a bit like a reject being in Slytherin, Ravenclaw being the family legacy and all. It almost gives him a desire to rebel, to prove to everyone why he broke the mold.
He is indifferent about the idea of family members at Hogwarts. He cannot possibly be the only wizard, he could be the only one at Hogwarts, he highly doubts it, and expects his paternal surname to be a familiar one.
His father once told him he wanted to be a Wand maker, he met a pretty girl who liked Healing, and ended up becoming a doctor. He has no refuses to be so weak when faced with a choice between someone else and his goals.
He likes books, and dislikes libraries. He is the peculiar sort of person who likes a rambunctious atmosphere to study in. The noisier the room the more energy it takes for him to concentrate.

(Active | Major Character) Model — Chandler Riggs

Quincy Graves4
Quincy Graves
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Affiliation Graves Family, Hogwarts; Hufflepuff, Rose, Lili Chakarova, Charlie Reid
Relationship Status Single Too young to date
Wand Willow Dragon Heartstring
House Hufflepuff
(Class of 2037)
Boggart Death, Sadness, Grief
Location Below Ground Floor; Kitchen, Potions Basement, Lower Chambers Portrait Corridor, Library, Great Hall, Transfiguration Courtyard
Quincy Graves - Hufflepuff
Send Me an Owl! - “Everything you can imagine is real.”
“You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

What you might not know

Hufflepuff Crest
He is unbelievably good at using magic in typical card tricks more specifically Three-card Monte, even when not cheating. He excels at street magic, and slight of hand.
He received a cowboy/sheriff hat when he was smaller than he is, he has not stopped wearing it since then, and he is likely to wear it forever.
He believes he can live in four or five different countries in the span of a single year, and still live reasonably 'normal' lifestyle.
He wants to move to Iceland when he gets older, but only for the summer, he loved it when they used to get to stay there.
He likes to hum the lyrics of songs typically sung in English with a faint French accent, he thinks the French language just sounds better.
He has a favorite brother out of the four, he would NEVER tell any of his brothers which one of them that is, he would prefer them not to ever know.

(Active | Major Character) Model — Lorenzo James Henrie

Oriol Garza5
Oriol Garza
Bloodline Half-Blood
Affiliation Garza Family, Hogwarts; Slytherin, Ari Attaway, Lilly Konstantinova, Clara Davidson
Relationship Status Single Not Searching
Wand Fir Unicorn tail hair
House Slytherin
(Class of 2036)
Boggart Abandonment
Patronus Red Fox
Location Hogwarts Grounds; Quad Battlements, Gamekeeper's Hut, Greenhouses and Gardens, Black Lake, Forbidden Forest, Shrieking Shack
Oriol Garza - Slytherin
Send Me an Owl! - “Plans are invitation to disappointment.”
“Spontaneity is a meticulously prepared art.”

What you might not know

Slytherin Crest
He sometimes hates his name because people either think of the bird or the cookie. He absolutely despises being called Oreo, he is NOT a cookie.
His thinking voice speaks Catalan, he has to translate into English when he writes. He sometimes talks to himself in German, and he often has no idea he is even doing it.
He was afraid of a lot of things when he was younger, and still living in the boys' home. He used to be afraid of the dark, thunderstorms, lightening, and clowns.
He is convinced digging to the bottom of earth will not land you on the other side or Australia. He does think if he digs far enough he could have a lava moat surrounding his house.
He did not have a lot of hopes for magic at first because everything was so new. He might want to use magic to find his biological parents to show them how great his life is.
He has a few obvious moles or birthmarks on his face and neck. He also has a port wine stain birthmark on the inside of his wrist, doctors thought it was a bruise.

(Active | Major Character) Model — Dudley O'Shaughnessy

Wren Van Heemstra6
Wren van Heemstra
Bloodline Muggle-born
Affiliation Warren Family, Van Heemstra Family, Hogwarts; Hufflepuff, Astrix Ledbury, Hayden Browne, Rachel Griffin
Relationship Status Taken Dating
Wand Elm Unicorn Hair
House Hufflepuff
(Class of 2035)
Boggart Being smothered (Pnigophobia)
Patronus Red Squirrel
Location Hogwarts Grounds; Kitchen, Dungeon Staircase, Hieroglyphic Hall, Lower Chambers Portrait Corridor, Entrance Gates
Wren van Heemstra - Hufflepuff
Send Me an Owl! - “I do not know everything; still many things I understand.”
“You don’t know the meaning of moderation, do you, my darling? A happy medium is something I wonder if you’ll ever learn.”

What you might not know

Hufflepuff Crest
He frequently worries that he might one day be hunted down and killed for being a wizard and having real magic.
He does not make use of his inner voice, he tends to think things he may have wanted to keep to himself out loud and fairly often.
Gets panicky when surrounded by too much water. He is deathly afraid that if his head goes underwater his lungs will fill with too much of it, and he will drown within seconds of being submerged.
He cannot imagine what his life would have been like without the introduction of magic, being the wizard he is or the muggle he thought he was.
He likes to keep track of his emotions (Happy, Sad, Angry, Fearful) and what may have caused them throughout the day.
Firmly believes there are wizarding universities somewhere in the world, and he wants to find them or at least attend one.

(Active | Major Character) Model — Kaylyn Slevin

Clair Voyemant7
Clair Voyemant
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Affiliation Beauxbâtons, Lil Bundles, Hogwarts; Ravenclaw, Eilis O'Reilly, Olan Lui, Scarlet Banriff
Relationship Status Single Crushing
Wand Spruce Phoenix Feather
House Ravenclaw
(Class of 2034)
Boggart Chimera
Patronus Dove
Location Hogwarts Grounds; Fourth Floor Storage Room, Large Office, Dark Tower, White Tomb, Lil Bundles
Clair Voyemant - Ravenclaw
Send Me an Owl! - “I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.”
“You might be poor, your shoes might be broken, but your mind is a palace.”

What you might not know

Ravenclaw Crest
She is smarter than she looks, as a petite blonde, with bright blue eyes, most people severely underestimate her, and constantly downplay both her mental and physical capabilities.
She loves the smell of Lavender for two reasons. Because Marius use to burn Lavender incense, and because it has that calming effect. Like eating ice cream, laughing or crying, it just works for her.
She is confident that by the end of her life she will be able to distinguish the many different voices she hears in her head the same way that most people can differentiate colors.
Her left nostril is always stuffed when she wakes up in the morning, she thinks it is a sign that she has an undiagnosed infectious diseases that does not have a known cure yet.
She wants to be bitten by a werewolf. She actually searches for them. She does not think it would be such a bad thing to be able to transform into a wolf-like creature, or be a slave to her baser instincts.
Her biological family line had a few odd witches and wizards like her in it. She is not the first to be gifted.


(Semi-active | Minor Character) Model — Misty Copeland

Nuala McDermot
Bloodline Muggle-born
Affiliation McDermot Family, Martins Family, Hogwarts; Gryffindor, Millie Greene, Jarryd & Peter Summers, Noland Black
Relationship Status Taken Engaged
Wand Dogwood Unicorn Hair
House Gryffindor
(Class of 2033)
Boggart Paralysis
Patronus Irish Hare
Nuala McDermot - Gryffindor Alumna
Send Me an Owl! - “The secret of happiness is freedom, the secret of freedom is courage.”
“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

What you might not know

Gryffindor Crest
She can do almost everything right handed except write legibly, even with practice it looks like the writing of a two year old.
She is severely depressed but she thinks she hides it well, she does not like for other people to see her sad or to see her cry.
She was taught to cook food by herself when she was 8 years old, there have always been siblings with her she still wanted to do it herself.
She dreams of becoming a Prima Ballerina Assoluta with Ballet Ireland, her mother was not a professional dancer although ballet was her passion.
She has always been extremely petite, it was cute at first, as the only one in her family to be as little as she is she thinks that she will forever be 4'10".
She has such a severe allergy to Soy, it once caused her heart to stop beating, she often breaks out in hives, and occasionally gets dizzy or faints if she has come in contact with it.

(Semi-active | Minor Character) Model — Nick Roux

Enzo Allegri-adult
Enzo Allegri
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Affiliation Allegri Family; Mesalina, Mama, Papa, Beauxbâtons; I pazzi, Hogwarts; Hufflepuff, Noland Black, Jarryd Summers
Relationship Status Single Crushing
Wand Cypress Dragon Heartstring
House Hufflepuff
(Class of 2033)
Boggart Reperfusion injury (reoxygenation)
Patronus Praying Mantis
Location His room, Padrinos, Nando's, Luchino Caffe, Hyde Park, The Leaky Cauldron
Enzo Allegri - Hufflepuff Alumni
Send Me an Owl! - “Life is 10 percent what you make it and 90 percent how you take it.”
“The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.”

What you might not know

Hufflepuff Crest
If anyone were to ever ask him, not that anyone has, he would say he is an ace of cakes. He is able to whip up a sweet dish with a quickness.
Back when he was just a little kid he wanted to be a famous rock star. He is not too good a playing instruments, he does love any instrument with strings, and he is not a terrible singer. But music is not his true passion.
Has a secret desire to be an animagus. He has never told anyone, not even Lina, because he does not want anyone to know should he fail. vincitori non perdere (Winners don't miss). It lives and dies with him.
When he does not get a compliment back from someone that he has given a compliment to he will go out of his way to do something nice for them. This way at the least they have to say thank you, and he can withhold a you are welcome. Which he will not hold on to for long.
He is super jealous of his baby sister. He is not sure what it is about her that aggravates him so much. It is probably the fact that she forced him to grow up. By being born she made him a big brother.
He gets pretty ticked off when Lina and Mac sing without him. It not only makes him feel left out, he also thinks that when his voice is missing that they sound worse than crap.

(Semi-active | Minor Character) Model — Bella Hadid

Meadow Maestro-adult
Meadow Maestro
Bloodline Half-Blood
Affiliation Maestro Family, Yaxley Family, Hogwarts; Slytherin, Dustin James, Phoebe Blake, Cecilia Holland-Reichert, Christopher Knight
Relationship Status Taken Dating
Wand Ash Kelpie Hair
House Slytherin
(Class of 2032)
Boggart Memory disorders
Patronus Doe
Location Gladrags, Hobby Hub, The Little Shop, The Apothecary, Hyde Park, Byron's
Meadow Maestro - Violinist · Dancer
Send Me an Owl! - “Not different, but special!”
“I don't want things to be normal. Normal is always being left out, never belonging.”

What you might not know

Slytherin Crest
Ethnically identifies as an Italian/American despite knowing that she is not an American. Her mother is English and her father is Italian. She considers herself American by way of Italy.
She has been treated for pain from Contusions (Bruises), Meniscus Knee Tears, Lateral Ankle Sprains, Achilles Tendonitis, and Bursitis.
She would hate herself if she ever forgot her father. Meadow is afraid of getting close to her step-father. She does not want new memories of him to replace her old memories of her real father.
Does not believe in ghosts or an afterlife. She believes that when you die you lay in the ground until you rot away, unless somebody uses you as fertilizer.
Named her owl after Neptune the god of freshwater and the sea, and her cat after Clytie a water nymph.
She has been trained to play the violin by her mother, a classically trained violinist.

(Semi-active | Minor Character) Model — Trevor Noah

Zayd Shafiq7
Zayd Shafiq
Bloodline Pure-Blood*
Affiliation Shafiq Family, Morgan Family, Hogwarts; Ravenclaw; Abi Kinnaird, Tess Drade, Mallory Richards, Melinda Bagman
Relationship Status Single It's Complicated
Wand Acacia and Jarvey Tooth
House Ravenclaw
(Class of 2031)
Boggart Stepping over people to get what he wants
Patronus Galago
Location Honeydukes, Florean Fortecue's, Puddifoot's, The Apothecary, The Human Canvas
Zayd Shafiq - Caerphilly Catapults · Chaser
Send Me an Owl! - “One believes things because one has been conditioned to believe them.”
“Community, Identity, Stability.”

What you might not know

Ravenclaw Crest
Uniquely codes plots of different ways to kill his uncle Rasheed in his grey journals. He sometimes thinks Rasheed killed his real father, his own brother Kahlid, it is where he thinks Nadira gets that family blood-lust.
Wants to save his family and take them far away from Rasheed. He wants to learn as much powerful magic as he can and hide his mother and sisters from him the way the Shafiq family hid in Algeria for almost 100 years.
Wants to have an understanding of the Muggle world and the Magical world. He knows about Muggle life in Algeria, his mother had Muggle friends, he wants to replicate that in England.
Is not very good at making friends. He has a mean streak and he tries very hard to keep it from coming out. He does not want anyone to see the darker Slytherin side of him.
Has never played an instrument. Rasheed said that women play music. Men hunt, they kill things, and become leaders. They cannot sit around wasting their time.

(Semi-active | Minor Character) Model — Lili Simmons

Lacee Ardelean-1-
Lacee Ardelean
Bloodline Half-Blood (Half-Veela)
Affiliation Ardelean Family, Beauxbâtons, Durmstrang
Relationship Status Single Not Searching
Wand Fir Dragon Heartstring
House Durmstrang Graduate · (Class of 2029)
Boggart Being abandoned by Brandy
Patronus Fox
Lacee Ardelean - The Romanian Temptress
Send Me an Owl! - “Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before.”
“When women go wrong, men go right after them.”

What you might not know

She learned to master her sense of fear at a young age, her father believed it would be prudent of him to teach her to control the traits he recognized in himself in his daughter.
She has a very close and very intense relationship with her cousin Brandy. She would be nothing but chaos in this world without her guidance, friendship and support.
She is in love with her dark side. She likes to do and say things most people avoid in have the that option. She takes pleasure in being admired and in being detested.
She is always willing to be the damsel in distress if it gets her one step closer to what she wants, but she will drop that act quick if the person she was tryin to get close to assumes she is weak and they can take from her what they want.

(Semi-active | Minor Character) Model — Ed Skrein

Dorian Webb
Bloodline Half-Blood
Affiliation Webb Family, Ilvermorny; Thunderbird, Saffron Carter, Ministry of Magic
Relationship Status Single It's Complicated
Wand Holly Dragon Heartstring
House Ilvermorny Graduate · Thunderbird
(Class of 2027)
Boggart Hysterical Astasia
Patronus Spider
Location The Retro, The Hog's Head, Borgin and Burkes, The Apothecary, The Little Shop, The Human Canvas
Dorian Webb - Ministry of Magic employee · Head of DMT · Animagus
Send Me an Owl! - “Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the Gun down.”
“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”

What you might not know

He was a fearful child, when he wet the bed or cried out in fear his mother would respond by smacking him. One of his few early memories of her is being smacked in the mouth while he was crying after being bitten by a goose.
He is not sure where he found this shred of humanity that makes him care about other people. It sicken him on some occasions, and on others he is glad he is the sort of person "to stand up for the little guy"
He hates silent onlookers who sit by the way side, and never do anything to help the people who are desperate for it. He still holds a grudge against his father for letting his mother abuse him for so long.
When his mother was incarcerated he wanted to be a Police officer, or an Auror, so that he could do for other people what was once done for him.
A reoccurring dream he has, that he never talks about, is taking Gordon (and Shannon) far away from their parents. They have not harmed him yet, but he would much rather protect his family before something terrible can happen to them.
He left a promising quidditch career after watching on of his best friends die courtesy of the Dopplebeater Defence. He was one of the beaters on the pitch meant to protect his fallen friend.

(Semi-active | Minor Character) Model — Meghan Markle

Rashida Zidan
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Affiliation Sobek Aten, Zidan Family, Emad Family; Bassily, Uagadou, IQA, ENQT
Relationship Status Taken Married
Wand Ebony Phoenix Feather
House Uagadou Graduate · (Class of 2013)
Boggart Black Magic
Patronus Goat
Location Zidan Compound, Ilkley Moor Stadium, Hyde Park, Dervish and Banges, The Little Shop, The Leaky Cauldron
Rashida Zidan - Chudley Cannons Manager
Send Me an Owl! - “Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.”
“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

What you might not know

Her first use of magic was both wandless, and non-verbal, she has been obsessed with trying to master Wandless magic ever since she was six years old.
She spent two years drifting through different continents, meeting people from different wizarding communities, and finding a deeper love for quidditch in that time.
She returned to Egypt at 19 years of age to find that the man she was arranged to be married to, the man that was not of her choosing, was still an unmarried to man.
She discovered the animagus transformation during her time a Uagadou, she has since learned to assume an animal form, however she has not 'chosen one' therefore she does not need to register.
Her father, and grandfather still cling tightly to the memory of her mother. She never got to know her but she does consider her a great source of inspiration to accomplish the mutual life goals they shared.
She was going to play Keeper like her father and her grandfather did until she learned that her mother was a Chaser/Beater for the Armenian Junior Nationals. She still occasionally plays as Chaser, and enjoys it.

(Semi-active | Minor Character) Model — Candice Boucher

Billie Summers
Bloodline Pure-Blood
Affiliation Summers Family
Relationship Status Taken Married
Wand Acacia Fwooper Feather
House Uagadou Graduate · (Class of 2011)
Boggart Dead bodies of her family
Patronus Elephant
Location Summers Estate, The Leaky Cauldron, Hyde Park, London Restaurant, The Apothecary, The Spider's Web
Billie Summers - The Hawaan Huntress
Send Me an Owl! - “I like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It's so #^@%^&' heroic.”
“I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy.”

What you might not know

She devoted herself to nature early in life, preservation is in her blood it is how she was raised. Her family started something that she saw fit not only to become a part of but also to make her own.
She was devastated when her father left and never returned. She was optimistic at first, hopeful in the sense that she believed something took him but he would find his way back. As time went by she finally opened her eyes to the truth.
She was promised to a certain boy in her youth, it was her father's decision. As he took himself out of the picture her mother never felt the need to deliver on such a promise and told her daughter she was not going to be forced into marriage, it was going to be her choice.
She swore off love before she met and married her husband. Her father made her feel hesitant about romantic relationships. She tried to date people of both genders hoping that by being open minded she would find someone who would accept her.
She started drinking when she was young, sneaking small amounts of alcohol from her mother's liquor cabinet. It seemed to be just a phase that rebellious youth go through and her mother thought nothing of it. When it got worse, still no one said anything.
She has a medical condition, a mental illness often referred to as a mood disorder. It is widely known as Bipolar disorder. She has never been diagnosed by a healer or medical professional of any kind.


Things that flummox me about the Potterverse

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Transportation ; Motorbikes, Knight Bus, Ford Anglia, MoM fleet of cars
Technology ; Camera, Radio, Telephone

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House-elf Wandless Magic (Dark Magic)
Goblin Wandless Magic
Nymph Abilities
Veela Charm

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