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I wasn't sure what to put here. I'm still not.

The infobox thingy made sense, at first, before I figured out I don't really want to put that much personal information into it. I like being thought of as the candy girl I used for my avatar. I'd rather no one have a realistic impression of me. At some point in time I might feel comfortable enough to put in some less generic answers.

For now you can use your imagination.

It should be pretty obvious I'm female, or that I at least identify as such. It says so in that box up at the top, and I don't think I would have used a lady avatar or such a feminine username if I wasn't.

Get ready for a lyrical bomb courtesy of One Republic:

"Old but I'm not that old
Young but I'm not that bold"

Why did I use that? Basically, because I felt like establishing the fact that I'm old enough to be here, but not too old to feel like I should be doing something else with my time.

My computer-self loves Pandora and my email. It isn't that I need a soundtrack to my life, but I really REALLY don't like the sound of silence. It freaks me out. Like in scary movies when something is about to jump out to scare the audience or to literally murder someone on screen.

Junk food is the best, but banana nut muffins and zucchini breads do the trick too. I think it's my mom's fault. When I had the hiccups she used to make me sit upside down and feed me a spoonful of sugar.

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