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About Me

Hello! I'm TheFlyingFoot also known as Football444. My real name is Isaac and you can call my Foot or Isaac (I have been called Foot, Fopt and Footise). I live in the UNITED KINGDOM. UNITED KINGDOM. I'm Male OBVIOUSLY am I am a Hufflepuff! I'm crazy, weird and a flying blue cat. I am a Potterhead, Bookworm, Oncer, Half-Blood, Amity Member and Son of Hecate. I love Books and anime. A few books I have read are, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games, Divergent, TimeRiders, Maximum Ride, Kane Chronicles, Secret Series, The Hobbit, Manga Series and so many more. I have watched many anime such as Fairy Tail, Pandora Hearts, Mirri Nikki (Future Diary), Black Butler, Death Note and many more. Thank you for viewing my site. Feel free to ask any questions on my talk page. Thank You!


These are my current characters. Currently, I'm only keeping two of my old characters and creating a bunch of new characters. Current number of characters is 3.
Major Characters

Artie Chase Word Bubble

Artie Chase Hufflepuff
-- First Year - Crazy Mad Dude - Cookie Dude

 TheFlyingFoot ~~~~~~

Hello I'm Artie Chase.

Eve Chase

Eve Chase Ravenclaw
-- First Year - Wallflower - The Quiet One

 TheFlyingFoot ~~~~~


Emily Beck

Emily Beck Ministry of Magic
-- "I may look like a princess but that doesn't mean I am one"

 TheFlyingFoot ~~~~

"Hey! I'm Emily Beck. I am beautiful! Aren't I?"

Yui Anzai

Yui Anzai Hopeful Ravenclaw
-- Fourth Year - Japanese

 TheFlyingFoot ~~~~~

"Hello I'm Yui!"
Minor Characters

Peter Swan Hufflepuff
-- Seventh Year

 – ~~~~~

Hello I'm Peter Swan!

Wilkie Chubb
Wilkie Chubb - Owner of Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour
Send Me an Owl! - The Ice Cream Man ~~~~~
Hello I'm Wilkie Chubb

Madam Puddifoot
[[User:{{{user}}}|Madam Puddifoot]] - Madam Puddifoot's Tea Shop
[[User talk:{{{user}}}|Send Me an Owl!]] - "What can I get you m'dears?" {{{time}}}
Expansion Characters
Coraline Azzam

Coraline Azzam The Cult of the Forgotten
-- Squib

 TheFlyingFoot ~~~~~

Hello I'm am Coraline Azzam.

Inactive/Unused/Deleted Characters

Viktora Augustin Advisor to the German Chancellor of Magic Gdemrepubliccrest
-- Pure-Blood Witch

 – ~~~~~

"Hello. I'm Viktora."

Dead Characters

Coraline Patrickslytherin alumna · herbologist · mother of two

「 Age 」
34 y/o
「 Species 」
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More characters yet to come...

  • Resevered Face Claims: Garrett Backstrom (1 month left) and Shinna Angel Beats (1 month left)


Football444 My Old Username I prefer if you didn't call me this.
TheFlyingFoot My Current Username Anyone
Foot Me Anyone. Preferred Nickname.
Isaac My NAME Anyone
RB (Rubber Ball) Jiskran - Reminds him of a song and is used because I poof. Anyone
Footsie SOA - Added Sie to the end. Prefer if you DID'NT Use. Footsie is a type of flirting...
Fopt MoonlitCastle - Typo Anyone
Snitch Jiskran - Snitching is like Poofing. I disappear then reappear. I then gained the Snitch title. Anyone
The Cookie God Me. My obsession with cookies led me to gain this title. Anyone
FOOT-AY Jay Sea Anyone
F o.O T Colin Anyone
Fútbol Raby - Football translated into Spanish Anyone.

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