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The councils are a group of half breeds that are an administrative council for the half breeds within the precinct and act as an intermediate between those inside and the Ministry of Magic. Essentially, their role is to carry out the Ministry polices and decrees within the precinct.

However, they can raise funds for the different services in the precinct. Such as the makeshift hospital, the soup kitchens and any other services. To raise funds, they can approach the owners of a variety of businesses and organisations. For example, they can partner with St. Mungo's to set up a clinic within the precinct and be supplied with medicine. They can partner with restaurants to supply groceries.

They can also give temporary permits to the inhabitants. They cannot supply work permits and the inhabitant will have too apply through the ministry for that. Furthermore, they can also supply permits to those outside of the precinct to enter. However, these would only be given for business purposes. For example, they'd give a permit to a healer to attend to a patient within the makeshift hospital and so on.


  1. Bailey Jeon
  2. Catherine Durante
  4. Aikaterine Papadopoulos

As there is a limited number of RPed characters within the precinct, I've limited the amount of characters within the council. Thus, only five characters are allowed. Beware, when you sign your character up, you open up to the responsibilities. On top of what is stated above, your characters will be who the other inhabitants's turn too when there's an issue. They are intended to be the scapegoat for the policies as they are the one implementing them.

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