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Send Me an Owl! - 19:39, June 16, 2017 (UTC)
The engravings on the edge of each Order member's coin begin to change. The changes cause it to heat up in warning, to the point each member is beginning to take notice of it. Upon closer inspection of the fake sickle provided, you can see the numerals have changed, becoming 0320332000. The next meeting for the Order for Equality has been called, in their own headquarters.

OOC: We decided go go with the same method of communication Hermione came up with for DA, but with fake sickles instead, the reason being galleons are quite valuable even today and sickles are less tempting to nick. Every Order member has one and have all been called for it. Meanwhile, the students from that side, heading the espionage, will have their own meeting with Elmira and Dakota at a later date.

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