This blog post is about the Dumbldore's army roleplay wiki

We have many offers in the form of blog posts. There are hundereds. And I'm here to introduce one.


Coding is a big problem. Most people don't know HTML and that stuff. So they can't make the best of Character pages. But with EasyChars you can put your troubles aside. With the all new preloaded content and design all YOU have to do really is to fill it in.

EasyChars are divided up by what house the character is in. The Hufflepuf kids have a Yellow template and the Slytherin have green. And so on and so forth. So with EasyChars you just type in you characters name in the boxes below (remember to sort them by House) and then follow the insructions on the page. IT'S THAT SIMPLE!

(I give the credit to Sonny for making the layout in the first place. Which I liked so i mended it to make EasyChars)

It's really that simple. If it doesn't work just contact me on my talk page.


If you already made a character without EasyChars you don't need to delete it and make another char with this new template EasyChars now offers you can have your character the equivalent to the Original EasyChars.

Go to the begining of you char page. Go to source more and type in {{Background|Color 1=|Color 2=}}. Now after Color 1= add your first color. Same with color two. For example:{{Background|Color 1=green|Color 2=purple}} It will come out as this:

However, and this is a MUST: You must add the </div> tag at the end of the article. Otherwise the whole page around it will be glitched.

But heres an example