the future of magical communications

Ever wondered what the Department of Technological Advancement's been doing all this time? Well, here's your answer: figuring out how to make magic cooperate with technology. And now they've got that down, it's time for a social network, don't you think? So here it is, developed by Clarence Bishop and Cedrica Ackerman for your leisure.

an example page
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example post
costincamp example comment

ngl it looks a bit messed up here and that's why you caN'T HAVE SPACES IN THE TITLES

"That's great and all, but how do we make one?" I hear you ask, and here's your answer:

1. first, make a template page for your character's followers (for example this) and copy & paste this code into it:
{|cellspacing="6" cellpadding="5" border="0"
to add your character as following someone, just enter a picture after one of the | like this:
{|cellspacing="6" cellpadding="5" border="0"
|[[File:Clarence.jpg|100px|link=Clarence Bishop]]
|[[File:Kell2.jpg|100px|link=Kell Larsen]]
|[[File:Costin.png|100px|link=Costin Câmpina]]
|[[File:Roshaniuserpage.png|100px|link=Roshani Singh]]
edit other people's follower lists depending on who your char's following.
and btw you can have more than five followers - a scrollbox will appear automatically.

2. make a page called Witchagram/(Your Character's Name)
don't put any spaces in the name or the links might break lmao
for example, Witchagram/ClarenceBishop
3. next, copy and paste this code, and fill it in:
|bordercolour = 
|backgroundcolour = 
|fontcolour = 
|icon = 
|charpagename = [ the name of your character's page ]
|font = 
|username = 
|followerstemplatename = [ the name of your character's followers template (without the Template: part) ]
|briefdesc = 
|postno = 
|followerno = 
|followingno = 
|gallery = <gallery position="center" captiontextcolor="black" orientation="square" columns="3" spacing="small" widths="200" bordersize="medium" bordercolor="white" hideaddbutton="true">
[ pictures here ]
|followergallery = [ put {{}} around your character's followers template here ]
|posts = [ this is where you can put posts - we'll get to this in a second ]

4. to post on your own or someone else's profile copy and paste this into the "posts" section of their page:
|icon = 
|postfontcolour = 
|font = 
|username = [ your character's username goes here ]
|post = [ post goes here ]
|commentfontcolour = 
|comments = [ to comment, put: '''(character username)''' (comment)<br> ]

And that's about it. Comment any questions you have!