So....given how the blog User_blog:Echostar/Our_Voices was written and the concerns it brings up, it's not surprising that there's been a lot of concern and discussion about how to proceed. I'm posting this blog as a general place to address the concerns raised in that blog and figure out how to address them. I'll be writing a separate blog later to address the specific concerns about my characters...this one's purpose it to address the general ideas and problems that have given rise to the situation in the first place.

So....first off my big concern is how the blog was written and the environment that's lead to it. The blog talks a lot about how those writing it doesn't feel like they're listened to, and how on on chat apparently all these things have been talked about among those who wrote that blog. First, I want to talk about chat itself. Chat is a place to come chill, talk, and relax....but it seems like it's also being used as a place to come complain, gripe, and gossip. That sort of negative attitude stems from there to invade our whole environment, which isn't good. A lot of the blogs specifically address my characters over and over and how OP they are, but nobody ever posted me an owl or PMed me telling me how they felt. Instead they obviously griped about it behind my back, gossiped, and fed off each other's negativity until a number of users all decided it needed to be addressed in the manner they did. All of it could have been avoided if instead they'd simply mentioned the act to me. The sort of environment, where people are more content to complain, gripe, and be negative instead of talking to someone, or addressing the problem isn't right. Chat shouldn't be used just to complain and talk behind people's backs because then people won't want to be on chat anymore.

Second, I've written in the past about bullying, and how inappropriate and unacceptable it is on this wiki. A lot of those blogs seems written out to bully the administration into certain actions. Instead of stepping up to help, they're accusatory and inflammatory just to try to get certain things done...and that's bullying. If they had been addressed in a different manner, they could have been done constructively. Also, I feel like CK's been getting a lot of flack and bullied into making a number of decisions and saying a lot of things people want to hear from her that she doesn't want to say, but is purely because she's being bullied into doing it. We have the power of the crats separated into different Departments for a reason. She isn't supposed to know everything about the other Departments, and can't make the command decisions for Jisk or Alyssa's Departments for them. Just because you're upset about things doesn't mean you can bully someone, and just because someone on here has a position of authority doesn't mean they're not a person with feelings you can hurt, just like everyone else.

Alright, with that out of the way, I do think there was some good things mentioned, and things we can possibly work together to improve on to make positive changes and make this place better. As much as we can we try to stick to Canon, but barring that the primary purpose here is fun, and when users aren't having fun, things should be looked at as to why. help in that effort, I though we'd use this as a central place to address the issues from that blog. So....the question is this:

What things need to change here to address the issues. Are there rules that need to be changed? What are they? What policies need to be updated? What changes need to take place. General things can be helpful, but really I'd like to address specific things and get them down here so they can be addressed. So...if you have any thought, ideas or suggestions, please put them in the comments below. That'll help categorize the changes needed, and give ideas how the necessary changes can be made, and things can be improved.

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