So Nokia and I have stumbled upon a rather interesting post on Tumblr regarding children celebrities and using them as face claims. While most are relatively okay to be used, there are, however, a few whose parents have said that those children do NOT want to be used for roleplay purposes. I'm guilty of using one myself and so I am in the process of changing her model right away.

Here is the list. Please respect the wishes of the parents and the kids themselves.

Please understand the fact that even if children are not using in a wrong way, it could make the parents of those children or the kids themselves uncomfortable. And it’s not because they’re making their kids’s journey public that it gives you the right to take ownership of the pictures if they don’t want to.

–Children of RP blog post

For the convenience of the people who can't access the list, here are its contents:

  1. Kristina Pimenova *said on official facebook page rule 5
  2. Mia Hays *said on official website
  3. Mckenna Grace *said on official website
  4. Thylane Blondeau *contacted via ASK
  5. Kalani Hilliker *mentioned on twitter that it was making her uncomfortable
  6. Anna Pagava *contacted via VK
  7. Diana Pentovich *contacted via VK
  8. Khloe Jae *contacted via instagram
  9. Emerald Gordon Wulf *said on vk
  10. Mia Talerico *requested by her parents
  11. Brynn Rumfallo *said by her mom and Brynn herself during a youtube video that it was making her feel unconfortable
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