I couldn't help it, okay? I was updating the Eos page's pictures, and when I went searching for Carmen's picture... her baby-faced first year picture showed up in the search, and now it's all I can think about. So, on the eve of the eve of the eve of the beginning of fifth year... and in my best "previously seen on [insert TV show here]" voice... I present you with... this blog*.

Thomas Bagman

Thomas 3rd year
Thomas 5th year

Thomas Bagman started out desperate to do anything to get out of his older sister's shadow. Throughout his years at Hogwarts, he has fallen in and out of good relations with Kimi, as his friendship-nearly-turned-romance with her sister, Carmen, has developed. He's made friends with Niall, and he has become quite the menacing force when holding a Beater's bat. The big question this year becomes... will they, or won't they, finally do what the rest of the year has seen coming for, well, years, and get together?

Sammy Bardsley


Sammy Bardsley, since his first days at Hogwarts, has been looking for a good time. His sociable nature has helped him work his way into the group, and he's known for knowing the gossip. The big question this year: Is there a spark between him and Kimi? Or is that what she just wants to believe?

Demetria "Demi" Crow


Demetria Crow, from the get-go, just wanted to be left alone, thank you very much. She clearly wasn't interested in getting to know anyone, but beyond this front, she has developed something of a friendship with Oz, and outside the year, with Rhian. The big question this year: Will she just run away and join Rhian?

Patricia Hayden


Patricia Hayden joined the bunch towards the end of their second year. She quickly befriended Thomas, and then in her third year got herself involved right where she never wanted to be: smack dab in the middle of all the drama. She started dating Cloud, and the big question for her this year is... where is that relationship going?

Osian "Oz" Llewellyn


Osian Llewellyn has never gone by his first name, but rather everyone calls this mysterious fellow, "Oz." He and Metria (as he calls her) formed a friendship early on, seemingly built on the mutual agreement to burn all their books and notes following seventh year. Recently, Oz seems to be heading in the direction of becoming a veterinarian for owls, as well as developing a friendship with Ivy. The big question for him the year: will he pass his O.W.Ls to pursue this dream that he's found?

Niall Mason


Niall Mason started out his days at Hogwarts as the quiet, bookish type. He still might be that, but he's coming out of his shell, perhaps due in part to his relationship with Kea... though that's sort of nipped itself in the bud recently. Niall's passion for Quidditch is widely known among the group of teenagers, and the big question for Niall is... will he truly move on from Kea?

Carmen November


Carmen November began her years at Hogwarts as quietly as anyone has ever seen. Overwhelmed by social anxiety, and firmly believing everyone would-- and should-- love her sister better, Carmen feared that all she would amount to was being another Ravenclaw bookworm. Until she was sorted into Gryffindor, and met Thomas Bagman, who insisted that wasn't going to happen. Her relationship/friendship with Thomas (and some of her other classmates as well) has been tumultuous, but she appears to be getting braver and braver as the years go forward. The big question for her is... will she forgive Thomas for his idiocy... and will the couple that the year has been rooting for finally get together?

Kimberly "Kimi" November


Kimberly November, known better as Kimi, was more than ready to take Hogwarts by storm. She was going to know and be friends with everyone, because they, obviously, wanted to be friends with her. She quickly befriended Kea, and was on the search for a boyfriend, with her heart set firmly on Cloud. When things fell apart in third year, she did everything she could to make her sister happy, which really only resulted in more drama... not that she would ever admit any of it was her own fault. The big question for fifth year... will her classmates ever forgive her, and will she find the second chance she's not even sure she deserves anymore?

Cloud Rosendale


Cloud Rosendale came into Hogwarts with musical charm in spades. This bright-eyed Hufflepuff crushed early on Carmen, but soon found eyes for Patricia. Stamping on Kimi's hopes and dreams forever, he and Patricia started dating late in their third year. Something suspicious is up with his family life at present... and the big question for fifth year is... will he come clean to Patricia?

Kea Willow


Kea Willow is the girl who has all the answers. She befriended Kimi early on, and it seemed nothing would rip apart these two best friends. Kea and Niall also grew closer, and ended up dating for much of third year, before she realized that perhaps they were too young, and it happened too fast, and she broke his heart. Kea is now a Prefect in her fifth year, and her big question is... what will this seemingly unstoppable girl do next?

Ivy Zariņe


Ivy Zariņe started out Hogwarts as the girl who no one could shut up. Ever. This chatterbox easily made friends with Kea and Kimi, but when third year rolled around, and Ivy briefly dated Thomas... things unraveled, and fast. Shouldering all the blame, Ivy tried to do what she could to fix things, and found that most of her friends were still mad at her. She now spends her days trying to pick apart everyone else's motives, and she seems to be getting closer with Oz, and her friendship with Thomas seems to be repairing itself the closer he gets to dating Carmen. The big question for Ivy this year is... What will become of her relationship with Oz, and will fifth year see a return of the motor mouth?

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