I'd like to apologise first and foremost for the amount of time it's taken me to write this blog. I get ridiculously anxious about how my words come off, because I really love RPing with all of you and I don't want to come across as rude or anything of the sort. If you've got any questions after the blog is done, please let me know, and I will do my best to update the blog with an answer to your question.

One: The Expansion

Yes, the expansion hasn't been running as smoothly as it should have been. That is on account on all of us in AI going through difficulty in activity at some stage (me with anxiety, Carn with camp, Jaye with personal issues) and I think we'd all like to apologise for that. Time and real life just hasn't been on our side this time, and so this is what we've decided to do.

The War of the Creatures expansion shall be post-poned for a while until we have a) adequate time to finish it b) made an alternative decision to end it. We plan to hold an AI meeting as soon as possible to deal with this. 

Two - What Instead?

The AI department has noticed there seems to be a lot of appetite going around for rather smaller events around Hogwarts - like Hogwarts Prom, other Hogwarts clubs, and such like. If you have an idea for an event you'd like to see happen, please leave them in the comments and we'll try to facilitate as many of them as possible. 

Three - Quidditch

I take personal account for the delay in Quidditch, but I'll be starting the Hogwarts quidditch and league tables for Adult Quidditch as soon as this blog is posted. If anybody would like to see Adult Quidditch as something that could be RPed again, even as a smaller league - it's something we're willing to consider, so just let us know!

I've tried to keep this blog as brief as possible but if you do have additional questions, I'll add a FAQ section and answer them all! Thanks for reading! :)