The Removal of Staff Rights

The right to demote DARP’s staff’s rights has not gone anywhere. Bureaucrats still have the right to demote members of the administration team if they are not fulfilling the minimum required from them. However, as of recent, the lines have begun to blur together. Users are not being demoted in fears of losing friendships with those demoted. Being a friend and being a superior are becoming closer than ever before, and unfortunately, we can’t let that happen. Though we are all a family, this place still needs some structure in order to function properly.

A lot of the administration team - myself included, unfortunately - have not been following the inactivity policy. People are disappearing left and right, without any prior warnings or any idea of when they’ll be back. It’s becoming increasingly harder for DARP to remain fully active as it was not too long ago, because of how unstable the activity of the userbase is. When did we all stop making characters? When did our interest in roleplaying in the Harry Potter Universe die out? I know we all have a real life and other priorities, but it’s important to pay attention to this place every now and then. Especially if you’re on the admin team.

You made a commitment the second you applied for the position, and it was enforced the moment you won that position and got your rights. You promised activity and to aid in DARP’s development, and from what I can see, we are all doing a poor job at that. People have become accustomed to keeping their rights and then not doing anything, without expecting a demotion. That’s the purpose of this blog: to remind people that the right to demote is still there, and failing to do your part in this community will result in you losing your rights and position on the team.

Now, let me remind you all of the inactivity policy.

The Policy

This policy reflects activity within the DARP community. Please note that activity is required to keep user rights and in-character positions. As this is one of our most problematic policies that don’t seem to get enforced, we are focusing mainly on this topic and stressing the importance of it. This policy will be enforced to the maximum extent and nobody will be excused. Leniency is not permitted, unless as part of one of the sole exceptions mentioned below.

All users will be warned after 14 days of their inactivity and will then have an additional 2 weeks to become active again. For it to be counted as activity, the user must make 5 different RP edits within the 2 weeks. If a user fails to do so, they will be marked inactive and any characters marked with special positions (prefect, head girl/boy, quidditch captain, headmaster/headmistress, ministry department heads, minister for magic, etc)

Rollbacks and Admins must make a minimum of 5 edits (RP, Department related, or administration edits) within 5 day stretches. If a staff member misses their five required department edits three different times, that is grounds for a demotion vote. The user will be warned after the second stretch. Sorting is NOT considered as activity unless you are in the Sorting sub-department.

Because bureaucrats have a very high responsibility of running their department and managing the wiki, their activity count is different and extremely crucial. Bureaucrats must make at least 5 department related/RP edits every 5 days. Failure to do so after 3 different times within 4 days of each other is grounds for a demotion vote. Sorting does not count as a department edit, unless you happen to be in the S&S department. The user may receive a notification after two separate times.

A regular user with no edits within 4 weeks will be marked inactive. They will be warned after 2 weeks. After 4 weeks of no editing, the characters are subject to potential deletion and titles will be stripped. However, there are key exceptions.

If an user notifies an administrator of their activity, the procedures will be altered. The user and the user's characters will keep their rights/titles for one month. If one month is exceeded, their characters' titles will be stripped. After 1 month of inactivity, a user with rights will be demoted ONE level automatically, and will have another month to become active again. After one month has went by, they will again be demoted a level, etc.

A user is to notify an administrator before their vacation begins and their rights will be protected for them until they return, except in rare cases when their vacation lasts for a excessive amount of time then a decision will be made at that time.

If the reason is sickness, inquiry, surgery or medically related than that will be dealt with accordingly.


We’re going to begin upholding this policy. The lines can’t be blurred any further - we need to divide friendship from responsibility. You signed up for this, you aren’t holding up your end of the bargain, and you should face the consequences of such. We won’t start immediately, though, of course. Before taking action against the rights of those that aren’t meeting the quota, we’re giving everyone a chance. Those who aren’t following the policy will be owled and warned, and given until December 4, 2017, to fix their errors.

Bureaucrats are not exempt from this. I know people might start to look at me like I’m some kind of dictator, but please keep in mind that I just want what’s best for DARP. And I’m not making any new policies, so much as upholding ones the userbase had already put into place. I don’t want to be seen as the villain - I’m just doing what I can to make sure DARP thrives. If it means cuts, then fine. But if you can stay active; please just be active. Come back. That’s all we want. If you made the commitment, you have to see it through.

- jayemalik'