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Back in August, former Bureaucrat NAP created a policy that limited the amount of Away/Semi-Active characters you could have at a time, and the timeframe in which you could have them. However, nobody is following these rules. While I can't blame you people for not wanting to do so, I cannot condone these actions. For this reason, I've added a timestamp to ever character classified as away, semi-active, and inactive. The use for this will be explained further below, along with a change that has been made.

Change & Explanation

In her blog addressing this issue, NAP explicitly states the limit for away characters will be 6 months. However, I'm lowering the timeframe to four months. The reason behind this change is that six months is unreasonably long to have characters saved as 'away'. This is backed by the fact that it's unjust to have these saves last six months when model reservations last an entire year IC/four months OOC.
This way, both model reservations and the ability to list characters as 'away' and save them will be the same amount: four months. To my understanding, this is reasonable, as it provides users an entire IC year to figure out what they want to do with their inactive, semi-active and 'away' characters. However, I understand it may be complicated to make the necessary adjustments to reflect these changes. For this reason, the four months will begin today. I've added the timestamps myself, and would greatly appreciate it if you guys added timestamps for other characters you may possibly categorize as away, semi-active or inactive.
The S&S team will be closely monitoring the timestamps for this and model reservations.


For the benefit of those who just skimmed over the blog, and/or can't remember what NAP decreed in her blog, I'll be listing it below. These will be the official rules you'll have to follow until whenever they're changed.
  1. Each user will be limited to having only five characters listed as "away." If you currently exceed this limit, then please lower the number down to fit the standards within the next two weeks. Otherwise the models will be removed.
  2. Given that, for the most part, these characters would be out of the picture, you would be required to share the face claim if somebody asked to.
  3. Similar to regular model reservations, there is going to be a time limit for how long you can keep the characters around for, before you remove them or you bring them back. Each character that is "away/semi-active/inactive" should have a four month time period on it, which is a year out-of-character. If you don't add your character back to the main list or get rid of them within this timeframe, the S&S team reserves the right to remove them from the UMR list.
  4. Any "official," whether in the Ministry or Hogwarts or St. Mungo's will count towards your official number, meaning you will not be able to categorize them as "away/semi-active/inactive". Other users and characters could be filling these spots and be active. Therefore, if you have a "position of power," then that character must remain active or be removed from their position entirely. There are exceptions to this rule, but you must talk directly to the head of Sorting & Stores.

Signing Off

I'm fairly certain I failed to clarify something, or forgot something overall. If this happens to be the case, then please leave a comment below, or contact me at my talk page! Thank you for checking in, guys!

- jayemalik'