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  • I live in Wonderland
  • My occupation is Slythercraw student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
  • I am completely insane.
  • Luctor Et Emergo

    So, I'm not quite sure why I'm making this blog post. Maybe I just need an explanation for why I'm chucking away most of my characters, and I need to write it down. Basically, I'm doing just that - deleting many of my characters. All of them apart from Jack and Adele are staying, but the rest are leaving. Or dying. Very sorry.

    • As much as Rae loves her family, she knew she had to leave and find some independence. She did just that - she joined her sister in her travelling and found a happy job in another country. She writes to her family every week.
    • Cedrica grew sick of not pursuing her dreams. England was holding her back, and she knew she wanted to go on and continue her project on making technology work in the magical world. She's getting …

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  • Luctor Et Emergo

    Stepping Down

    March 7, 2016 by Luctor Et Emergo

    So, life's kind of hectic right now, and to put it as plainly as possible, I can't be an administrator on this wiki. Between being an AI member in the expansion, which I've been horribly neglecting, and real life issues that could be a lot better, there's no way I've got enough time to contribute to my responsibilities here. So, I'm stepping down to a regular user.

    I don't know if I'm going to ask for my rights back or not yet, but I know it's going to be a while before these RL issues get cleared up, so if I suddenly become absent for a few weeks at a time, don't be alarmed.

    I just thought I'd write this and let you all know. Love y'all

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    So, technology at Hogwarts is a common topic. You sometimes see posts where characters have music players or cameras, despite the fact that it would make no sense as Muggle technology not working at Hogwarts is common knowledge. Magic is known to interfere with the functionality of Muggle technologies that run on electricity, so things like computers wouldn't work - however, according to the Harry Potter wiki, "Colin Creevey's camera still worked at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, since it was able to "[run] off the magical atmosphere" instead of its batteries."

    This gave me and the wonderful Kibethastarael an idea - if cameras can run off the magical atmosphere, why can't other things, such as TVs or iPods? And what can b…

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    Questions being taken until Saturday 8th August 2015.
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  • Luctor Et Emergo

    Hullo there!

    So, I basically love messing around with art editors and Photoshop, and, since Rouge Lips just opened up, and characters can get their hair dyed there, I can change your character's hair colour!

    All you need to do is submit a picture of your character's model or a link to a picture, and the colour of the dye. You can change your character's full hair, or dye them ombre, or dip-dye them. In case you don't know, ombre is when the bottom half of the hair is dyed, and dip-dye is when just the tips are coloured.

    You need to say that your characters got their hair dyed at Rouge Lips - you don't have to RP there, but let's have Cecily get some customers! :D

    So ask away! You should get the edit in two days or less :)

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