As the popularity increases of reserving the face claims of "away/semi-active" characters, it's important now that we bring in some regulations to keep it fair. After one of our Administrators mentioned the problem to us, the Bureaucrats discussed the solution that this individual suggested and we branched off of it. From there, we settled on the following rules regarding "away/semi-active" characters and their models:

1) Each user will be limited to having only five characters listed as "away." If you currently exceed this limit, then please lower the number down to fit the standards within the next two weeks. Otherwise the models will be removed.
2) Given that, for the most part, these characters would be out of the picture, you would be required to share the face claim if somebody asked to.
3) Similar to regular model reservations, there is going to be a time limit for how long you can keep the characters around for, before you remove them or you bring them back. Each character that is "away/semi-active" should have a six month time period on it, which is almost two years out-of-character. If you don't add your character back to the main list or get rid of them in two weeks after the expiration (assuming that you had the opportunity to be active in those weeks to take care of it), they will be removed.
4) Any "official," whether in the Ministry or Hogwarts or St. Mungo's will count towards this number. Other users and characters could be filling these spots and be active. Therefore, if you have a "position of power," then that character must remain active or be removed from their position entirely.

If you have any more questions regarding these new rules, feel free to comment down below or message me.

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