With it now being well into my summer break, everything related to my Internet schedule is now changing. It might not be in the way that we would all like, but I'm dealing with what I'm capable. For my computer situation, we're trying to explore better options than me just using my parents' computer all of the time. Anyways, onto what's really bugging me: my online schooling ventures and my biannually trip to Colorado.

Online School

While you might think that it would be easier for me to be on the Internet if I'm doing school through the Internet, but I'm assuring you that it's the complete opposite. Since we're given three weeks to complete eighteen weeks worth of assignments, we're having to complete these assignments and exams really quickly. It also means I'm having to work through the weekends. It began on June 26th and will last until July 14th. It's at this time that I'll be around minimally in the morning, then I'll be around more so at night. My days will be tough for these three weeks, but please bear will me here. I'll still be around to complete my daily responsibilities as a Bureaucrat and the Head of Sorting and Stores. I have no plans for neglecting that over the next three weeks and I hope that everybody can be patient with me during this time. I understand that it might be annoying not having everything be looked at it immediately (Merlin knows how impatient of a user I've personally been), but I want to promise to you that I will get to it within twenty-four hours or at most forty-eight hours. However, the ultimate goal is to look at and handle situations/claims within the day.


It's all done, folks! I managed to complete the requirements for health class! I got a 99%, which is spectacular considering how rough my first few days were. I know I complained to some of you guys about how difficult it was, but I wanted to let you guys know that it went well.

Denver Vacation

Every other year; my father, my brother, and myself will take a vacation down to Denver (or California) to visit my uncle, my aunt, and my two cousins. It's always a great time, despite all of the babysitting and the monster behavior of young boys. Last year, my father let me bring my iPad under the condition that I wouldn't be on the Internet the entire time. Since we don't really have an iPad anymore, I'm possibly going to have to go down there without access to the lovely Internet. I'll have to run it past my father, but I have a few options here: A) I could try to use my old Kindle, B) I could try to get my ancient iPad all fixed up, or C) I could just stick to my iPhone. Regardless, I'll be kept to using the Internet very minimally while down there, since I'm supposed to be spending a lot of my time out and about with my family. We'll be flying out July 22nd and flying in July 30th. It's in these days that I'll genuinely not be able to be around as I'll be for August. I'll really need the help of Sorting and Stores and User Relations to manage the everyday process of Sorting and Stores. I hope to come up with a few users who I can rely on to have my back during this week before I leave that I can then point everybody to for guidance. To any and all members of Sorting and Stores and User Relations, let me know when we can talk about it further please. I know that many of you are having troubles with your access to to the Internet, which is why I feel it is best if I speak with everybody to find out who can be around around July 22nd to July 30th. It's also related to me wanting make sure everybody is on the same page on what is to be done under my absence (particularly in relationship to store and employee approval).


I ended up locating my iPad, which I'll be able to take down to Denver! I most likely won't be online much anyways, unless I'm getting some alone time later at night. It's pretty much the only time that I'm capable of using the electronics, otherwise I'm busy spending time with family or babysitting my cousins. I'll try to check in every few days though! I have spoken with Bond, who will have Ash fill in for Nymeria for Herbology over week one (and possibly week two, depending on how poorly I feel after the flight home). As it normally would go, my second-in-command Livi will be the person to contact with any questions for Sorting and Stores, but I'll try to be around to answer any questions that she or any of the other bureaucrats can't.

Thanks for reading all of it and getting to the end. It more than likely wasn't all that intriguing of a read. I would like to apologize for that, but I really struggled in trying to make it at least semi-entertaining. Anyways, much love to you all and have a nice rest of your week!

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