Recently, there's been a topic of conversation on if children have to count towards a user's character count. After speaking with the other Bureaucrats and the majority of the Sorting and Stores team, we've come to an agreement on what we're doing in regards to that issue.

Everybody will still need to put their character into Sorting once they've turned five years old if you wish to continue roleplaying them. Both the short-answer questions and the sorting quiz questions are not obligations for any character who is aged five through nine years old, since those might be challenging for young children characters and we're not looking to put them in a specific house quite yet. Any character from five to nine years old does not count against a user's character count. When a character turns ten years old, they will have to go back into Sorting to get their house and will have to count against your character count.

If you have any questions, please comment down below or message me over at my talk page. However, it's always nice to keep all of the questions in the blog comments to easily help out others who might have the same question. Thanks for reading! I hope this clears up a few things.

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