Three Days Grace - Riot (Lyrics)

Three Days Grace - Riot (Lyrics)

The Precinct riot is back on! It's the same rebellion this earlier blog was for, but see below for all the current details.

Who is involved

Ultimately the two main groups involved will be Precinct occupants and Aurors, but anyone is welcome! Innocent bystanders, reporters, sympathizers with either side - all I ask is that they be over 17 because Hogwarts is in session and having an event at the same time as the riot.

By participating you are accepting that your character may be injured. There will be no lasting damage without the user's permission.

When it's happening

IC, the event is happening on the same night as the Autumn Ball at Hogwarts. OOC, it begins Friday 10 May at midnight GMT and will last for a week.

What is going on

The riot was orchestrated by Kit Durante, a member of the Precinct Council, and meetings regarding the planning were held at popular half-breed speakeasy L'Impulsion. No meetings were roleplayed but due to Kit's position within the precinct and the IC popularity of the meeting place, it's likely word will have gotten around the Precinct about the event, but due to the nature of L'Impulsion and the overall importance of secrecy for this event, word will not have traveled too much further. That said, it isn't out of the question that the authorities may be tipped off, but for the most part law enforcement and the general public will not know about the riot until it begins.

The ultimate goal would be to destroy the Precinct wall and ultimately cripple the Ministry's ability to hold all the half-breeds in one place, as well as to make an extremely public statement. Any Precinct occupants not wishing to participate or who are underage would have been warned in advance to stay away from the action so as to minimize the collateral damage, but spells and stones will be flying, so that is not out of the question. The section of the wall around the main entrance is where the focus will be and the riot will begin with the wall being demolished in that area. After that, it's really anyone's game. Bring your protesters, fight with the aurors, throw wall bricks at them, accidentally have your bystander get in the way and get hurt - it's a riot so it's going to be messy, so feel free to make it messy.

The Ministry is going to be able to quell the riot, but that doesn't mean it won't have made a clear statement. Some of the characters involved will be punished. Kit Durante is already slated to be arrested as one of/the leader of this mess, since she is a member of the Precinct Council and other characters will be arrested as well. Once the current minister is no longer in power, those characters arrested for their involvement in this rebellion will be released, so it would not be an indefinite imprisonment and more of a convenient hold or even opportunity for a storyline.

Now, the minister will not be at all lenient and will authorize law enforcement to use lethal force, and those that die can be NPCs, but if someone wants to kill off a character, the opportunity is definitely there.


At this time, I am the only one who will be GMing, and will GM as much as I can but it may only be once a day. If you'd like to help GM, drop a comment. The GMing will work much like GMing for quidditch matches - the riot will play out and every so often a GM will post to summarize the outcome of the previous posts.

This method hinges on everyone attempting their actions. No godmodding is allowed. You control only the actions of your own character and that is all. If you are caught godmodding you will be issued two warnings and if it happens a third time you will not be able to continue the rp.

Yes, my own characters will be involved in this riot. I will be using a randomizer for any outcomes that are not predetermined so if anyone would like to see screenshots of that, simply ask.


(this is not a list of participants, only those that will be arrested, severely injured, or killed)

If you would like something specific to happen to your character, such as a major injury, to be arrested, or to die, leave a comment on this blog with the following:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Which side they're on, or if they're a reporter or bystander
  • What you would like to happen


Law Enforcement and Sympathizers

Reporters and bystanders

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