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  • I live in California.
  • My occupation is computer programming student.
  • I am a rabbit. Perhaps.
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  • Rabbitty

    Social Adults

    January 8, 2015 by Rabbitty

    We've all had a blast with our student groups. But what about adults? It seems to me like some of them could do with a little more social interactions. We need more adult peer groups. Like, the people in HIMYM or something — adults do have friends and social groups.

    Ideas include:

    • the PA club
    1. Dunstan le Fey
    2. Ferlen Black
    • the Antisocial group
    1. Bryndís Ísadórudóttir
    2. Christopher Summers
    3. Leo Agneau
    4. Amelie Hall
    5. Mordicai Plasmus
    • the My-Freaking-Ex-Ran-Out-On-Me-Without-A-Word group
    1. Jade Knight
    2. Morgan Jenner
    3. Hope Finch
    4. Finnick Belmont
    5. Evie Daniels
    6. Nora Déonté
    • the I-Have-At-Least-One-Abusive-Parent group
    1. Orion Tulen
    2. Anastasia Tulen
    3. Jamie Gayle
    4. Alsa Smith
    • the Just-Graduated-WTF-Do-I-Do-Now group
    1. Orion Tulen
    • the All-The-Single-Ladies group
    1. Cecily Calanthe
    2. Selena Tyrrell
    3. Regina Tan…
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  • Rabbitty

    Stepping Down

    November 28, 2014 by Rabbitty

    I'm 2 monthes in to my new school, and it's 11 hours a day when you count the transportation time. And by the end of the day, I'm often too tired to wiki much.

    I really, really appreciate that you guys promoted me. But now I don't think that staying in that role would be very responsible of me now.

    I have no intentions of leaving wiki for good, but I will be on significantly less, like I already have been. And having it be a fun thing, where I don't have any responsibilities or anything, will make that easier I think.

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  • Rabbitty

    I really strongly believe this place or something like it should exist. But I've already got The Little Shop as a shop-in-progress, and I really don't think it'd be a good idea for me to start a new one right now. Is there anyone who'd be interested, as a co-op project or something? Maybe the nursery is even a co-op itself, are there any characters who'd be interested?

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  • Rabbitty

    Role-Play Page Template

    February 23, 2014 by Rabbitty
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