As you walk through the windy streets of Diagon Alley, a paper hits you square in the face. You scramble to remove it, rather comically, and notice it's the front page of the Daily Prophet. It reads as follows....


11 January, 2034





In late July of 2033, reports of business tycoon Charlemagne Baudelaire's death began circulating among the wizarding communities. Baudelaire, the Chief Executive Officer of Baudelaire Corporations, was found washed up in the coast of Weymouth, Dorset. It had been presumed that Baudelaire, who had been there on a fishing trip with some business colleagues, had fallen from his boat into the sea, whilst isolated from the rest of the group. According to reports from the group who had been with him, they had not realised where he had been, and thus it was 'too late' when they found he was missing.

However, a recent post-mortem report from St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries is showing a strikingly contrasting version of events. The coroner's report states that rather than drowning, the cause of death was in fact, more closely linked to traces of poison found in Charlemagne Baudelaire's body. The report stated that the poison found in the bloodstream was an ancient poultice, known to cause paralysis in the body before numbing and killing it's victim. The coroner announced that Baudelaire, after having ingested the poison, would have felt it's effect hours later whilst on the boat, before it took full effect, and thus resulting in his falling from the vessel to his demise.

No official reports from the Auror Office or the Baudelaire Family have been released as of yet, however sources speculate the three main suspects for the murder are the victim's wife Celine, his sister Olympé and his brother Cyril. Celine Baudelaire, neé Jenner, comes from a notoriously famous criminal wizarding family, one that was prevalent blood-supremacists in the Duxterran War. Her family's involvement has not yet been officially pardoned or absolved, meaning that it is possible she may have done it. Olympé Baudelaire, according to a source that is close to the family has claimed to have been power-hungry and ambitious, giving her a motive to kill her brother and claim the company for herself. Reports on Cyril Baudelaire, the youngest of the Baudelaire Siblings suggests something of a personal feud between the brothers, meaning that he too may be a suspect for the murder. We may not know for a while as there have been no official statements released by either party. The Baudelaire Family Lawyer, Aretha Harkness has said to a Prophet Employee that "[her] clients will not be addressing any media forms until there is any valid reason or cause to do so".


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