Hogwarts Main Crest
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Hogwarts Song Contest! And now here are your hosts...!


Hey, hey, hey! It's been some time now since we've had any sort of big artistic type of thing happening and I decided why not possibly see if I can start something big and possibly fun? And thus, here I am. I present to you, the Hogwarts Song Contest!

The Concept

The Hogwarts Song Contest is based on one of Europe's favorite TV shows; the Eurovision Song Contest! It's a musical competition where about 43 countries send an artist to perform live for millions of viewers, and then watch as their artists receive votes from national juries, as well as televoters, to see who will come out above the rest and be crowned the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest in a given year.

The Hogwarts Song Contest will have a very similar foundation, but of course, since countries aren't a thing with Hogwarts, it'll be the houses instead. Instead of three shows, there will be only one; a final where the HSC contenders will pushing to be named the winner. There will be juries and a "televote"; the televote will be a bit different since I'm not certain if texting is a thing yet XD. The juries will be composed of the Heads of House, the Prefects (subject to change), and two students of the HoH's choice. The televoters... well, they'll be the characters themselves! Any teacher or student not actively involved in the contest (read: not on the jury or performing) can be a televoter! There are more rules and whatnot, but I won't go deep into things until I know there's an interest (plus this gets green lighted).

The Thought

Now, this is all a thing that I wanna look forward to, but of course, I'm not sure who else would be interested. So leave a comment below if you're definitely interested in this in some way! If this gets enough interest and approval... then it will happen, and you can be certain there will be more details coming!