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Hi Haslamklily, welcome to Dumbledore's Army Role-Play Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Forum:Alaska Rosevelt page.

Before getting started, make sure you read and agree to our policies. After that, make sure you get all your supplies from Diagon Alley and create your character page.

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starting guide to get started, and please leave a message on my talk page if I can help with anything! Bond em7 (talk) 18:55, July 22, 2015 (UTC)

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Hey ^_^ I looked over the forum and everything's in order...but I can't decide between Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw. (Even though the multiple choice answers indicate Ravenclaw...I just don't feel it as strongly after reading her personalitly.) So it's up to you :) Let me know!

User:Jay Sea/sig19:32, July 25, 2015 (UTC)

Sorry for the late answer! I was in an area without wifi. Anyhow, I would prefer Ravenclaw, but if Ravenclaw is 100% not available, Hufflepuff would be my second choice! Thank you!

Alaska again

Welcome to Ravenclaw!
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Hello Haslamklily, and welcome to the Dumbledore's Army Roleplay Wiki! I saw that you put your character in for Sorting, and you have been Sorted into Ravenclaw. Congratulations! Now you can start making your character page. Create a new page with your character name by clicking this button:Contribute.PNG . It should be at the top right corner of your screen. Click the arrow and click 'Add a Page'. Choose the 'Blank Layout' and type your character name in the box. Make sure it's properly punctuated and it's exactly the way you want it.

Then you can start filling out your character page with information about your character. What does your character look like? What is his or her personality like? You can look at other character pages for ideas (i.e. Karith Black, Teresa Waters). Also make sure you add a Category for your House (Eg. [[Category:Ravenclaw]]).

You can check out the starting guide for the next step. If you need any further help, send me a post on my talk page. You can also ask for help from anyone in the administration team.

Thank you and again, welcome to the wiki!

So sorry for taking so long! Generally on here we answer messages on the sender's talk page--that's why I had no idea you'd responded. So sorry!

User:Jay Sea/sig19:31, August 7, 2015 (UTC)


I was just wondering if you could hep explain this wiki and help me get started! --Killjoy1111 (talk) 01:12, August 8, 2015 (UTC)


She's been sorted into Slytherin. :P - jayemalik'

On a totally random note

Hai! Just a random welcome to the wiki xD I was stalking through character profiles and saw that you put Ancient Runes as one of the languages spoken....and I just wanted to say that it isn't a spoken language but a purely written one. Have a great day/night~

"So...giants who can throw mountains. Friendly wolves that will eat us if we show weakness. Evil espresso drinks. Gotcha. Maybe this isn't the best time to bring up my psycho babysitter." - Leo Valdez


I'm afraid poltergeists aren't part of the magical world, so you'll have to change that for her to be sorted. - jayemalik'

Meredith Foster

Hey. Just wanted to inform you that Meredith Foster is already in use by myself. I'm using her for Isabel Castillo-Chambers.

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Hey! I'm NAP, an Admin in the OOC Department, and I couldn't help but notice that you don't have your models reserved on the User Model Registration. Basically, just make a heading with your username and list the models you are using and who you are using them for (see the other headings for examples on this, if you need any further help). However, before reserving any, please check through the current list on the page to make sure that the models aren't already taken. :D If you need any help with anything at all, just shoot me an owl and I'll get back to you as soon as possible!

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